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*I Choose*

This one is from the archives…  Resurrection!

Today I choose life not death,

Today I choose to be happy not sad,

Today I choose blessings not cursings,

Today I choose health not sickness,

Today I choose faith not unbelief,

Today I choose courage not fear,

Today I choose laughter not worries,

Today I choose freedom not bondage,

Today I choose wealth not poverty,

Today I choose to be me not anyone else.

Today I choose my destiny not discouragement,

Today I choose my future not frustration,

Today I choose righteousness not sinfulness,

Today I choose grace not gossip,

Today I choose forgiveness not vengeance,

I choose Everything that’s good, lovely and pure,

Today I choose Love, Life, greatness and God,

Today I choose…..

((((( I choose )))))

©Amorelle-Shemaîah 2018

Dream it possible

Never stop believing in your dreams.

When I was a young girl, I dreamt of having fashion that would be worn all over the world. At that time, it felt like something out of a fairy tale. Something quite Impossible. A few years later, I totally forgot about this dream and living life as per usual, when something quite interesting happened to me. I got an unexpected prophetic word about a: “clothing line that would belong to me and people all over the world, especially young people, would know of my clothing and wear it with pride”.

Feeling like it was the right time, I set out on a journey to make it happen.  I, along with my dedicated team, did our uttermost best, working hard with designers and artists to accomplish what was my dream in motion. We had “everything” sorted except the fact that it was not God’s timing. The location was wrong (I did not know that was the issue), therefore the timing and everything was equally wrong; no synchrony with God’s will. As humanly possible as I tried, in my best efforts, nothing would come together to make it all work.  I was really saddened. I decided to move on as this “dream” seemed not forthcoming. By the end of the year, I moved from where I was living and followed the Lord’s instructions as to how to proceed in my life and ministry for this season.  I was ridiculed, mocked, labeled, maligned and lambasted by many outstanding and reputable persons, including ministers of God. The worst of ills were said of me, mainly because of the “who’s” I left behind in my geographical shift. I NEVER REPLIED! I CONTINUE TO LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF JESUS AS HE LEADS AND DIRECTS THE COURSE OF MY LIFE. EVEN NOW, A YEAR LATER, I REMAIN SILENT as I await the Lord to vindicate me.

Shortly after moving, the Lord reminded me of the prophetic word, and showed me how to get it done, with ease. Now what I previously worked so hard at but failed to accomplish was unfolding right before my eyes. In a matter of weeks, my business got off the ground with no hassle at all and persons all over began wearing my clothing line: “The Diamond Collection”.   To God be the glory.  The sequence of events have taught me what the scripture means that says: “The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it.” (Proverbs 10:22)

“Special Gem Designz®” aims to be a company that strives for excellence in their clothing and other products, while promoting healthy and wholesome self image of its customers. I am proud of my Business Partner, Investor and Friend: Jesus Christ. He along with my team, have allowed a dream to become a reality with expansion on the way.

My friend, never stop believing in your dreams, no matter what they are… chase them! Any desire the Lord puts in your heart, He has the power to fulfill. He is known for the impossible. He has the audacity to make your aspirations manifest right before your very eyes, in the presence of your enemies and nay sayers.

So Dream!    Dream Big!     Dream your dream a reality!

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α cup σf wαtєr 

A boy was seated under a tree very thirsty and he needed water but there was no water. Suddenly he saw some drops of water dripping from the tree. He took a cup and started tapping the drops. When water got to half the cup and he was ready to drink, a bird came and knocked the cup down so the water poured. It happened three times and the boy felt very bad. He took a stone and killed the bird. 

After the bird had died, he saw a big snake coming down from the tree. So he discovered that what he wanted to drink was not really water but poison. He felt so guilty that he had killed the bird that saved his life. 

Some times God is like this bird to us. He knows when we are about to take poison but we get so bitter with him when he is trying to help us. May be what you thought was water was poison. Drop the pain because there is better for you. 


Lord help me today to see all the birds around me who keep on kicking the poisonous cups. Keep My eyes open and senses sharpened so I can safely rest your arms in Jesus name.  Amen

Watch your eyes, watch your eyes what they see… 

“Beauty is in THE eyes of the beholder, but what if the beholder is blind?” 
Havíng α kєєn ѕєnѕє σf thє unσвvíσuѕ hαѕ thє pσwєr tσ ѕαvє uѕ frσm much díѕαѕtєr. Mαnч tímєѕ tσσ, thє danger íѕ ríght ín frσnt σf us, вut вєcαuѕє wє αrє вlíndєd вч vαríσuѕ ínfluєncєѕ, wє cαnnσt clєαrlч see the destruction that is parading in frσnt σf uѕ. Like thє dєmσnѕ ín flєѕh, thє Jєzєвєlѕ ín Aвígαíl’ѕ αttírє, thє Judαѕ díѕguíѕєd αѕ Jσhn σr thє Nαвαl ín Bσαz’ѕ shoes.

 These αrє αll pєrfєct єхαmplєѕ σf whч wє nєєd mσѕt dєѕpєrαtєlч, thє αвílítч tσ ѕєє вєчσnd thє fαctѕ íntσ truth. Tσdαч, whч nσt αѕk thє Lσrd tσ íncrєαѕє чσur αвílítч tσ ѕєє αnd undєrѕtαnd, ѕσ чσur ѕtєpѕ cαn вє вєttєr σrdєrєd вч hím.

Father in thє nαmє σf Jesus, I ask you this day to wash mч єчєѕ wíth єчє ѕαlvє αccσrdíng tσ Rєv 3:18. Clєαnѕє mє thσrσughlч αnd cαuѕє mє tσ clєαrlч ѕєє thє unseen,  ѕσ mч lífє cαn вє вєttєr σrdєrєd вч чσu ín Jesus nαmє… αmєn!