*The Meeting*

I met Him offcially, 10 years ago.  It was quite a meeting.  For years before that I thought I knew Him but I was so wrong.  I didn’t know Him at all. Yet He fully knew me and loved me for who I am. (smile)  Our meeting was quite phenomenal I tell you.  It was dramatic to say the least.  He told me things…things that shook me and changed the entire goal of my life.  These things gave me purpose and destiny and a new meaning for what I called “my life”.  Most of all they gave me IDENTITY though at the time I could not and did not fully realize it…oh man.   He spoke words to me, well considering that He is the Word, then in essence, He spoke Himself to me.  (smile) Yeah I met Him and He has been my best friend ever since.

His name is JESUS.  Do you know Him?

copyright © 2010


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