He hung for me

This photo of my Jesus hanging on a cross, while its good to have as a reminder, in reality it is no where near the true image of what my Jesus suffered.  Nah!  Not at all.  Isaiah says He was so badly beaten that he was not recognizable…hmmm.  Can u imagine such pain, such suffering as Love hung on that cross and paid for all my wrongs with his precious blood? No wonder he was really asking his Father that if it is possible do not let him go through it. Oh man.  Paul tells us in Romans that it is only “reasonable” that we present our bodies to him as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable because of all that he underwent for us… When you truly consider it, one can only agree.

copyright © 2010


10 thoughts on “He hung for me

  1. I am working on a poem on this theme, I do not have a beginning or an ending just the middle of which I have written during prayer. He suffered so he could forgive us, He suffered so He could Love us face to face, Amen. James

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