He is my Friend

We are told that the Holy Spirit is a Friend and for me that means a lot because I never had real friends.  I was grown up completely around adults because I am an only child and I never really had kids my age to play with and stuff like that.  Sure I had lots of stuffed animals who would feel my wrath, anger or frustration because of some heinous act that they ‘committed’.  However the older I got, I soon grow weary of the fact that they could not reply to my distresses and so after a while that became quite a bore.   Needless to say I figured out that this route of living was quite different from your ordinary everyday life.

So growing up like this with mostly adults and few children, kind of allowed me to have a certain level of maturity in my  speech, which in most cases worked against me when I actually found peer groups.  So this caused me in most cases to feel rather out of place and even lost.  Oh man! I didn’t like not fitting in at all.   Now when I think back I am super glad for those times because they totally pushed me into the direction that I am in today.  It drove me to God for sure. smile.

So after reading a book by Benny Hinn – “Good Morning Holy Spirit , I began to look at God in a whole new light especially the Holy Spirit.  Benny Hinn described in his book what I only dreamed of back then.  In my imagination and thought of thoughts this person was exactly what I wanted and so I prayed in anticipation of getting to know this person.  I remember thinking “this is ridiculous” but somehow ridiculous as it sounds I knew in heart, mind, and soul, that it was the right thing to do.

That is what began a relationship with the Holy Spirit.  What we have today, would never have been what it is if I didn’t make a start. What we have is solid, exceptional, priceless .  He became a friend to me like no other and today he is my life – LITERALLY.  There is nothing that compares to spending your life seeking and searching the rich hidden treasures of God.  The Bible does say that “it is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom” Luke 12:32 …whohooo.

I pray you will get to know Him as a friend, it is the best thing you will ever do.

copyright © 2010


3 thoughts on “He is my Friend

  1. Congrats on d blog Rev. Amo lol. wat a way to start ur net ministry lol.

    Av nvr had a lot of friends myself; i grew up around a ton of ppl but I really grew up by myself. So now am wrkn on avn a real intimate relationship with ur HG, and hopefully i’l find the friend in Him that u av found.

    i pray wateva God’s will is for you to accomplish through this blog will be realized, and dnt worry – nuttn can stand in ur way…..rmbr, “tall, dark n handsome” says ur STACKED !!!!lol

  2. hey rev lewinson lol!! congrats on d blog, wat a way to start ur internet ministrylol

    i never had any real friends either, i grew up around a ton of ppl, but i really grew up by myself. so now m wrkn on having a real, intimate relationship with ur HG – i hope i get there soon.

    i pray wateva is God’s will for you n this will be accomplished; n dnt worry, rmbr – ur STACKED!!!

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