Unbelievable truth

So I am sitting, thinking about God and his goodness.  I was really just reflecting on His mercy towards me in general.  I was so overwhelmed about his sacrifice on the cross, that i burst into tears.  Wow, to be beaten to a pulp for me just so i would not have to go to hell, to be battered and scorned just so that i could have imortality, to be mocked and insulted just so i could have joy and peace never ending is truly quite a sacrifice. 

So I began to thank God His love for me in that he gave of himself and subjected himself to such a horrific death for me.  In the middle of my uncontrollable weeping the Lord interupted and made this statement to me “I would do it all over again if you were the only person on earth who needed to be saved”.  Oh my!!!!  Now the tears began to pour.  It was like the bursting of a dam.  I felt all the life from my body leave me  (as virtue did Jesus when He was touched by the woman who had the bleeding illness) and i was completely lifeless when his presence enveloped my being.  In that moment, nothing else mattered…nothing else except this wonderful person – God, the God of the universe who was fellowshipping with me.  Theres no greater feeling than to know you are loved; that I do know and so should you because that right there is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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