Jesus is truly love

Tell me something: “Who would honestly, willingly choose to die for someone?”  Well lets consider it: possibly a husband for a wife or vice versa, a parent for a child or viceversa, maybe…just maybe a friend to protect another friend.  However if you really consider it, truth is: NO ONE would willingly die for someone who hated them if they themselves did not truly love such a person.  That is why John tells us that greater love no man has than this man (Jesus) who willingly chose to die for his friend (meaning us: sinners) 

I sit and try to imagine the sacrifice my Jesus made for me on the cross and how even at the end he prayed for forgiveness for those who had just beaten him to a pulp and i realise, “No one really knows the true meaning of love until they get to know Jesus”.  If it was me, i believe my prayer would have been: “Get em Father, zap em with lightning and allow hail to  fall and pulverize them because they know exactly what they are doing ha ha ha haaaaaa (sinister evil laughter).  

Jesus was completely different.  He asked the Father in his love and mercy to forgive all those who have just disfigured, partly maimed, embarrassed and spat on him.  WOW!!! if that is not true love and compassion then i do not know what love is…and that is a fact.

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