% Unselfish %

I know God as the One who cares and is concerned about the simpliest things that happen in my life and your life too.  Believe me because that is the unadulterated truth.  I can remember after finding out that i was pregnant, i somehow contracted a terrible cold.  Oh my goodness, the fever and pain that accompained it was awful to say the least.  The worst thing about the timing of this cold was that due to my pregnancy being so early i could not just take  any medication to ease my discomfort or else i stand a great chance of damaging the foetus.  I was so weak, miserable and uncomfortable putting it quite mildly. (ohh it was awful)   I remember at one point i got so upset and flustered with the pain of all that was happening that i remarked i just want to be out of my misery so i am gonna take this pill and whatever happens… happens    (Do you notice how much that is a reflection of my desires only? Absolutely self-focused and selfish) 

It was then i heard the sweet gentle voice of the Lord and he said to me: “sometimes we have to fight through pain in order to protect someone who is unable to fight for themselves”.  I felt so bad in my heart becauseit was in that moment i realize i was being quite selfish.  I wanted to get rid of MY PAIN so much that i was ready to risk the life of another (my baby) who was innocent and really could not fight for himself.

That is what selfishness does. It puts the other person at the back and you at the front when the Bible does tell us to esteem others above ourselves. Pondering this thought then caused me to  realize how unselfish Jesus was when he chose to die for us.  Even though he was going to go through “hell and back”, he chose to put us in front of himself and his pain so we would not have to go to hell.  He chose to die once and for all so that we would not have to die forever.  

 Its gratifying and even humbling to recognize that Jesus really and truly cares about us and everything that pertains to us that he was willing to say “Despite how difficult and painful this experience is gonna be, not what I want Father but that which you want, it I will do”.  – Matthew 26:39.   Now that is unselfishness.

copyright © 2010


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