My eleven week old son is an absolute joy to me and my husband as well.  I get to spend the greater portion of time with him since i am presently at home and my darling of a man is at work.  It gets real difficult sometimes with the sleepless nights, the surround sound screams and the cleaning of you know what.   I remember in the beginning  (even though i had help) complaining  quite a bit because it just felt like i would go crazy for lack of sleep and the general pains and aches of childbirth. It was somewhere around the 4th or 5th week of his arrival that the Lord said to me: “you can either enjoy or endure the process; you choose” .   So i ‘woman up’ myself and made a conscious decision to enjoy the process no matter what occurs.  What i realize is that if i enjoy the process endurance is much easier as well. 

I have noticed one thing about my son as i am watching him grow daily, that whenever he cries if there is no one around, he would always be looking upwards as if he wanted to look over his head.  I was a bit puzzled at first but after a while i realized that because of the position he was usually placed, whenever he cries and i came to his assistance i would would be coming from the direction behind his head and so he has gotten so use to it, that he began to look in that direction as he cries because that is where he is expecting me or his daddy to come from to his rescue. 

I thought to myself that i do not want him to strain his eyes by constantly looking upwards so i shifted him thinking that whenever he now cries we would be coming from the direction of his foot so he should now be looking straight ahead as he is positioned instead of trying to look behind him. I find however that despite how many times he cried and we run to his side from this new direction, he was still looking upwards trying to see behind.  I would shake one of his toys, clap or any other thing to try get his attention to look forward but still he would be looking upwards expecting us to come from behind rather than infront of him.  

As an adult it was real simple to me because i know he is not deaf so why wouldn’t he pay attention and recognize that we are no longer coming from that direction.  It was in that moment the Lord spoke into my spirit and said “This is the problem I have with My people: they know Me in one way for so long that when I try to come to their assistance through another means for their own good might I add, they totally miss Me because they are oblivious to the fact that I operate in more ways than one.  For some it is like this child: too young to realize and understand this sudden shift from the norm and for others they are simply unwilling to look in another direction away from the norm”.    

Wow! I realized that it was totally true.  That is the reason if a new wave of God glory begins to manifest somewhere, people are quick to attribute it to the work of the enemy and try to eradicate it as soon as possible. “Doesn’t the Bible say God never changes? This new wave is definately new and is a change from what we know and are used to” some might say. God does not change, that is completely true (Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8)  but it does not mean the method that the unchangeable God uses will never change.  God, while unchanging is also a God who embraces and facilitates change for His own pleasure and glory.  He told me a long time ago concerning ministry “Same Product, Different Package” and that is the method i employ concerning the work of God especially to young people to whom i am sent to serve. 

So in an effort to help my son recognize us coming from a new direction I devised another plan.  Instead of clapping or jingling his toys, I simply touch him on his feet and immediately he looks in that direction.  Now it gets better and i have noticed that although he still looks upwards instead of looking in just that one direction over time my son Nathan-Andrew has began to look in all directions when he cries as he doesn’t know which direction his aide will be coming from towards him. 

Maybe today God has suddenly made a shift on you and you cannot find him in the direction that you are use to seeing him.  Take some “deep” counsel: “Just look in another direction!”.  He is probably standing right there and has been trying to get your attention (in His way) for hours, days, months or (God forbid) even years.  I know one thing about Him and this is it: He cares too much to stop trying as long as you are in need of him.

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5 thoughts on “*GET OUT OF THE NORM!*

  1. well well this is amazing. spreading the word and love of God as you always do. i adore you for going all out for Christ not matter where, how or when. the simple things that we as narrow minded people would over look and take to be nothing, to God some kind of lesson or story that we as Christians can learn from and apply to our everyday life is hidden underneath but we hardly pay attention so we most time or always miss what God is telling us. God is so amazing!!! it is true indeed that we are used to God showing up in a particular way that each time we expect him to the very same thing.THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP CAUSE THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEING DOING ,THAT OFTEN TIMES I DON’T REALIZE THAT GOD HAS SHOWN UP AND TAKEN CARE OF THE PROBLEM.


    1. thanks dear. nothing means more to me than following God’s voice completely. I have really found that to do this 90% of the times i have to get out of the norm.

  2. wow that was really “deep” fa real lol. but seriously though, it really is funny to me how just simple things and solutions can set us back on track. i have realized boss lady, that as Christians (especially me), we often look for complicated solutions when we are in a spiritual bind – somebody told me once that God is always talking, but we’re not always listening- but all we have to do is stay open to His influence and be so sensitive to Him that when He does manouver we can manouver with Him.
    I’m really looking forward to a lifetime with ma Jesus, He’s already my best friend, I’m just working on becoming His.

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