% The War Zone %

The mind is undoubtedly a combat zone and the book “Battlefield of the Mind” written by Joyce Meyer tells in great details how the battles we fight operate in the regions of the mind. It tells of strongholds which capture our thoughts into a certain pattern that we find difficult to change, bind minding spirits that imprison us and cause us to struggle to believe the word of God, various conditions of the mind (a normal mind, a confused mind, an anxious mind, a doubtful mind) and some thoughts called ‘Wilderness Mentalities’ that all operate within the confines of the mind.  I strongly and sincerely recommend reading this book as it will help you to understand how we wrestle with ourselves, persons around us, demons and powers of darkness all within the recesses of our minds.

The scripture in Ephesians 6:12 tells us without contradiction that “…we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but… against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere”. (Amp)  This scripture conveys to us emphatically that we are in a war.  It brings to us the reality that we are not fighting against other human beings but with Satan and his minions. This war is relentless.  It never ceases!

The Bible tells us that day and night the enemy accuses us before God: “…The accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accused them day and night before our God, has been thrown down”. Revelations 12:10 (NCV) He seeks to destroy us with well-formulated and constructed plans that he uses to deceive and ultimately destroy us.  He is a liar and a thief.  He can use scriptures also (and often does) to manipulate and convince us as he interprets it with a twist and causes you to believe it is truth.  Jesus called him “…the father of lies and of all that is false”. John 8:44 (Amp) Jesus also said that his job as the thief is “to steal and kill and destroy…” John 10:10 (Amp).  He is very deliberate and precise in how he acts in our minds. 

He does not force us to do anything nor make us do anything; he simply influences, encourages and eventually persuades us like he did with Eve in the Garden of Eden. (Genesis 3:1-8) He tempts us and motivates us into evil, false thoughts (especially about ourselves), incorrect judgments of others and also  wrong doings and leaves us to pay the penalty for our acts of sin and treachery against God and all that is holy. (I hate him with a righteous hatred). What he does is that he injects nagging thoughts, fears, doubts, reasonings, suspicions and all kinds of theories in our minds.  He bombards us with them and causes clutter, cluster and confusion.  It is a well strategized and thought out plan and he does it excellently because he has been doing it for centuries.  He knows how to wait for just the right moment and the right event to launch his attack.  He knows when to barrage us with a myriad of insecure feelings, when to shower us with fear, overwhelm us with unholy desires, assail us with selfish thoughts, floods us with rebellious ideas, submerge us in self-righteousness or inundate us with egotistic beliefs.  He knows us, he studies us and he waits patiently for just the right time to strike like a lion waits to attack its prey.   The Bible does say he is like a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8).  He has no new tricks.  He uses the same old ones just at different times and if we do not learn to develop the mind of Christ they will get us all the time.

 That is the reason we must begin to think like Jesus.  If the war we fight is in our minds and we develop the mind of Christ who is the All-time Winner and Champion over the enemy, then it is a simple equation (although I am no mathematician) that we will win. Not only will we win the battle but we will win the war. The book of Revelation is the complete analysis of his demise and how Jesus and His children – the saints, will ultimately prevail over him and he knows of it very well.  It is already written and cannot be reversed and he knows that very well too. He is a defeated foe and if we take a hold of the One who has defeated him then without a shadow of a doubt, predictably, unalterably and inevitably, we shall overcome all his tricks and traps.  

Excerpt from: “Destined For Greatness” written by yours truly

Copyright © 2010




4 thoughts on “% The War Zone %

  1. smile. i remember reading this. its still captivating, love it. ques: is it possible for a situation to come up in your mind and seeing it you begin to fight with the word and God’s help and its over but does happen for real? sometimes i think im crazy. what do you think?

  2. hmmm, not too sure i understand exactly dear. Do you mean you fought the problem with the word of God in your mind and then after it was over the same thing happened in the natural world? If thats what ur saying that is quite possible. Things happen in the realm of the spirit b4 the natural realm. It would mean that you had a vision and then it came through. That is something that is quite normal and should be normal (to an extent) to those who are believers in Jesus.

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