Are You Really Ready?

You know a lot of people (especially young people) look forward to the time in their lives when they meet the ‘right’ person, get married, settle down and have a family.  We all just believe that this is worth aiming towards – a goal.  However sometimes we are so blinded by love (or lust) that we miss vital signs that are parading in front of us.  Pastor John Hagee said something that i believe is worth sharing.  He said “Love at first sight can often be cured by taking a second look”.   As was taught to me by one of the greatest lecturers  ever, Dr, Rev. O Fisher: Marriage involves several areas of our lives including:  Physical, Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Economic.  Therefore in an effort to help with the cure mentioned above, here are some questions that you can ask yourself about your potential spouse and see how well the answers given will contribute negatively or positively to your life together as husband and wife. 


  • What is the state of your health?
  • Have you done a recent Medical examination?
  • Do you have any major sickness?
  • Do you have any handicap?
  • What if you have a major accident or illness after the marriage that causes serious impairment or disfigurement?


  • What of your Communication skills ?
  • What are your Likes and dislikes?
  • What are your kind of Recreational activities?
  • What do your friends think?
  • Relationship with in-laws?
  • Do your family and friends think you are in love?
  • Do you feel proud of this person?


  • Where will you live?
  • Can you pay for it?
  • Do you have any financial reservations?
  • How about stability of employment?
  • How will you handle your money? Pool or individual?
  • How generous are you?


  • Do you find it easy to pray together?
  • Where do you plan to go to church?
  • What are your religious differences? (if any)
  • How active are you in church?
  • Does the church approve your choice of mate?
  • What if your spouse fails the Lord?


  • Do you always say something complimentary?
  • Can you give support in time of stress?
  • What’s your attitude towards sex? (Open/Closed minded?)
  • How important is sex to marriage stability?
  • What of romance after the honeymoon?

Why don’t you seriously consider the above questions and take some time to peruse them with your future spouse.   You may find that it may be worth your while that you chose to do so.  Along with God’s help you can have one the greatest marriages that lasts a life time – literally “until death do you part”.  See I know no matter how much the marriage is ‘made in heaven’ it must be maintained here on earth.  Here is a little secret: Sacrifice, compromise and hard work will do the trick all the time.  So tell me: “After serious consideration, are you really ready?”

Is this truly what  want?

copyright © 2010


2 thoughts on “Are You Really Ready?

  1. im 18 and not ready to get married. even if i was thinking of getting married, well my mind just changed. most of those questions either has a negative answer or no answer at all. gush ! is marriage really this complicated? good thing i dont want to be in it. it just seems too much. although, if you want a good long lasting marriage then you have to put out the effort to get satisfying answers for these questions before you begin.

  2. yep you are right. its a lot of work but well worth it if your partner is given to you by God. Even though difficulties will come, it gives you full assance that God will deliver since he says who he puts together, let no one pull a part.

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