Are You Man Enough?

Many men are frustrated in their relationships because they feel that women are impossible to please.  While this seems like it may be true, according to the Rev. Dr. O Fisher, most women really want a relationship with four different men. Really???????  Nah!  What he means is: one man fulfilling four different roles: Hero, Playmate, Friend, Lover.  Let  us see how much we can explore this thought. 


  • The strong and capable male protector who will look after and take care of his woman and make her feel less vulnerable to the dangers of the world.
  • He offers commitment and security.
  • He is successful in dealing with the outer world in ways that cause her to admire him.
  • He is serious and often seems to be the (somewhat) strong silent type.


  • He is a lot of fun. He likes to have a good time with his woman.
  • He is lighthearted. He likes to laugh and play.
  • He is spontaneous and often unpredictable.
  • He has a lovable boyish quality.
  • He knows how to have fun and enjoy life.
  • He is strong enough to be vulnerable and open.
  • He still has his child’s heart.


  • This is an equal, working side by side with his woman to achieve goals.
  • He can both offer and take advice.
  • He can talk about his problems and listen to hers.
  • He is a valuable confidant and ally.
  • A kind of brotherly-sisterly relationship with a friend.


  • He is passionate and romantic.
  • He makes love to her both emotionally and physically.
  • He expresses his love and passion and is sensitive to hers.
  • He often tells her  she is a highly desirable woman.
  • He lets her know that he desires her and only her, causing her to feel excited and romantic.
  • He strives to master the art of sexual lovemaking.

Within each man is the potential for the development and expression of these four men, which will be to the delight of his wife.  One or more of them may be dominant, but effort should be made to develop all of them.  Women also vary in their need for a man to fill each of these roles.  The goal is to understand how much of each your partner wants and then learn to emphasize certain parts of yourself so you can give her what she wants.  Remember the ultimate aim is to be joint until death you do part because who God joins, let nothing separate.  So tell me: Are you man enough? 

copyright© 2010


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