*Just The Way You Are*

One of my Shoe Stands

I love shoes…aww man! Well to be more specific: “open toed shoes” and sandals.  Due to a little toe issue I am unable to wear any kind of shoes that is closed: pumps, sneakers etc. I just cannot wear clossed toes footwear but give me slippers of any kind and you have me.  I have lots of slippers: red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, whitessssssss (the extra “s” for emphasis on the fact that i have more than 1 pairs) and a variety of colours too.  

There was one colour that totally eluded me (when i had the money to buy it) and that is “baby blue”.  I had a few items of clothing that was of said colour but never could find the right shade of blue to wear with them.  So i decided to go baby blue slippers shopping.  Ohhh man it was a complete drag in the Jamaican all tropical  hot sun. Store after store after store…ahhh, until finally ta ta ta daaaaaaaaaaaa a store that had a variety of blues yeah (Whew).  I was truly elated to say the least.  Then i went in and there it was, the shelf with the blues.  Then there came another problem: What style to chose.  Ahh man.  

After spending minutes trying to ponder this, out of corner of my eyes, on another self with a mixture of colours, i saw it.  OHHHHHHH IT  WAS UNIQUE, GORGEOUS, SIMPLY TO DIE FOR.  I took it up and examined it.  Wow!  Uncommon!

A lady walked up to me and exclaimed with a smile “what an ugly pair of slippers!”    I couldn’t believe it.  It was so beautiful to me. I felt crushed at her unwelcomed opinion.  I took it up and showed it to a lady beside me and asked “miss what do you think of this slipper? where would you wear it?”  she paused, “well probably around the house or hmmm… a stroll around the neighbourhood on a sunday evening.  I wouldn’t wear it as a dressing slippers ofcourse…yeah thats about it” she said and politely walked off.  I couldn’t believe they were unable to see how special and unique the slipper was inside and undersides.  When I tried it I realized that because of its style it makes my feet looked huge (which people have said is an injustice to me) but  the problem I had was: no matter how many persons hated the pairof slippers, I loved it the more.  Honestly!


Whilst thinking in my mind how well the slipper would go with my outfit (especially the flowery insides) another lady walked up to me looked at it and smiled. Hers was one of  “what in the world is she doing by considering taking that ugly thing? Is she nuts?”  Then i just liked it the more.  

At that moment the Lord spoke to me.  He said “That is what happens when people are unable to appreciate a thing for what it was meant to do rather than how it looks.   People always look on the outer appearance with judgment and prejudice while i look on the purpose with love.  By doing that the outer appearance will fade in the background and anything or anyone can then be easily appreciated for just the way they are created”. 

Side view of my slipper

With that i proudly took my “foamed bottomed, bamboo sided, baby blue painted, potatoe sacked top slippers”, paid for it, and left.  That was over 5 years ago and many others have come and gone and my “foamed bottomed, bamboo sided, baby blue painted, potatoe sacked top slippers”  is still going strong.  Needless to say, I have never in all my travels to other places and other shoe stores, ever seen another of its kind. 

The Bible tells us we were created in the image and likeness of God (Gen. 1:26).  We are all perfectly and wonderfully made (Ps. 139:14)  so love who you are, how you are and where you are because God designed you for a purpose and He appreciates you for you.   Despite how you may feel or even if others may try to make you feel bad about yourself – DON’T!!!   Have a healthy love of yourself – (Healthy Self-Esteem) because you are perfectly suited for your purpose and Jesus loves you just the way you are: -body, soul and spirit.

copyright © 2010


3 thoughts on “*Just The Way You Are*

  1. nice story pastor amo, got the message LOUD n CLEAR!!! I appreciate ur individuality n uniqueness…but man; dem slippers still ugly! lololol

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