*Are You Woman Enough*

From a woman’s point of view, men seem to want their woman to be everything: she’s not to talk too much but yet be interesting; she is to be understanding but yet be competitive; she is to care for the household, but yet take home a salary. Wow!    Since we have realized that women want four men in one man (earlier post entitled: Are You Man Enough?) what then do men want? According to Rev. Dr. Fisher,  men would like to find six women to live with, or more accurately, one woman filling six different roles: Lover, Cheerleader, Mom, Best Friend, Animal Tamer and a  Competent Adult.  Let us examine these:


  • Men have a strong sexual drive. In order to meet their needs they want a eager lover who will have sex only with them.
  • Men desire someone who will be willing to satisfy them sexually and make them feel desired and masculine.


  • Men need someone to encourage them and keep them going in the midst of their personal battle for success and self worth.


  • A man wants someone to look after him.
  • He wants a nurturer who will make him feel cared about and who will pick up where his Mom left off.


  • A man wants someone with whom he can share the burdens of daily life.
  • He wants a confidante and a good adviser who can help him handle problems, make decisions, and cope with daily existence.
  • He wants a best friend to have fun with, doing things they both enjoy.


  • Men depend on women to be the bridge from the raw animal inside them to the rest of humanity.
  • Woman is the social glue, the bridge to other couples, the one who invites, entertains, and develops relationships with others.


  • Men also want a competent capable adult who is worthy of respect and who can be depended upon.
  • He wants someone who is capable competent and effective.

An appropriate response is to first find out what your husband to be needs; find out the roles he desires most at particular times. Try and start the process of change by getting into the frame of mind to playing the roles necessary. When the time for marriage comes, you will recognize that life together will flow much easier and your marriage will be one good force to reckon.

copyright© 2010


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