Do you feel today that with the recession at an all time low, murders and suicide on the rise, unemployment and lack of finances escalating and everything seem more and more to be daily falling and failing, that you have gotten to the point when your hope seems to be dwindling or even gone?  The word of God declares that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for…”  Our faiths must never faint nor falter despite what the world presents to us.  as chikdren of God, we ought to see things from a Kingdom perspective instead of what the world presents to us through media or any other means. The Bible also says that we need to “believe in our hearts and confess with our mouths”. This means that although this world has gotten to an all time in evil and negativity, we need to believe the word of the Lord and confess it (daily) with our mouths. This will help to keep our minds and heart in “perfect peace” regardless of whats happening around us. So with this in mind i hope this poem written by a wonderful poet friend of mine will inspire you to believe again in the simple things of life.  I pray that after reading you will remember that inspite of all that is hopeless and in despair around us, God is still in charge and knows all things well.
I Believe the Word that every life can be,
Touched by God’s truth that sets men free
I believe in change for every human soul,
For God can transform the worst life into gold.

I believe in love because I have seen,
How God’s love took me from where I have been.
I believe in faith and the mystery it holds,
I’ve seen the results as the promise unfolds.

I believe in mercy; God still shows it to man,
It’s new every morning ever since time began

I believe in prayer for comfort and support,
I believe in grace because I have a good report.

I believe in forgiveness; my sins are now gone,
I believe I can make it so I’m still holding on.
I believe in healing for every broken heart,
I’ve had mine mended and given a new start.

I believe in hope so I’ve kept mine alive,
Now the zeal for his presence has gotten a fresh drive.
I believe in dreams; unattainable as they may seem,
I believe in being blessed from God’s unstoppable stream.

I believe in freedom from a lifestyle of sin,
It happened to me when I invited Jesus in.
I believe in peace for a disconcerted mind,
I believe in joy to make a burdened soul unwind .

I believe in life; death has lost another battle,
Yes, my life is worth more than that of birds and cattle.
I believe God cares about the affairs of us all,
It took long but my blessings have begun to fall.

Written by Aniph Frazer – 17/01/2010
Copyright © 2010


2 thoughts on “*DO YOU BELIEVE?*

  1. Hey your page is filled with info. i see you have lots of time on your hands to do God’s work LOL!! anyway i like it. keep on inspiring others with your personal testmonies. sometimes they are the best ways of reaching people.

    continue praying for me that i may run the race with patience.
    love you my dear friend!!! MISS YOU TOO!!!!

    1. lots of time????? haha. you have no idea how i have to schdule my time to get to write. Many times i have to be typing with 1 hand while breaastfeeding or doing some nurturing with the other. Other times it takes hours to do 1 as i have to be doing other things in between. My darling i have to MAKE TIME – all hours of the day, night and early morning. yeah i will surely pray u up my friend. blessings.

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