I have found that no matter who a person is, or where they are at this point in time, they need someone.  People need people. That is the way we were designed.  So knowing this, at times, I would just go through my phonebook and begin to write a text of encouragement and blessing and send it out to several people all at once (sometimes up to 25) telling them of the love of Jesus towards them and basically adding a little hope to their day.  Its one phone, one message but its for all these people to whom I have chosen to send it. It never ceases to amaze me the many persons who would reply telling me thanks for the word of encouragement because they truly needed to be reminded of God’s love due to a situation they are presently undergoing.

This reminds me of the Bible – the infallible word of God.  It is one Bible, one message but for each person it speaks to us right where we are at that point in time.   It reminds us of the love of Jesus and encourages us about His blessings and other promises for us and also helps us carry on our daily existence.   The Bible is God’s written voice to us (Greek word – Logos), for us and for those of us who study it, it is the voice that should speak inside of us.  No wonder so many persons are without hope because if like my phone, the person to whom the text is sent do not open the text and read it, they will never see the text and hence be enriched by the text.

The word of God is the same thing.  If you do not choose to open it, read it and study it, it will be of no use to you.  It will simply be like any other piece of furniture or appliance that you have in your home that has weight and occupies space – Matter.  So if you want to hear what God has to say to you today, i have one “deep” advice for you: “Open the Book!!!”  He will speak to you through it and you might even get an added bonus of hearing a right now, spoken word (Greek word – Rhema)  from Him i.e. His voice right here and right now speaking to you and conversing with you one on one as friend to friend.   So if you truly want to hear from him today, better yet, develop a relationship with him so you can hear him constantly,  my only question to you is: what are you waiting for? “Go ahead and Open the Book!

copyright © 2010


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