We all have weaknesess.  The key to overcoming is to understand that God has placed people in our lives to help us along whether we like them or not.  There will be times when the very person  you think the least likely to help, or the one you dislike or the one you are just not particularly fond of, is the one God has designed to help you overcome a weakness you may be struggling with at present. 

This is the case with me. One of the persons God used to help me with one of my weaknesses came as an utter surprise to me.  I know it is a divine act of God because in the beginning I did not care much for him at all, (actually I totally disliked him before we became friends) and 2  1/2 years later I became his wife. My husband Orlando – OJ  is the sweetest, most amazing epitomy and personification of what Paul tells all husbands to do in Eph. 5:25.  I believe that God has placed this man in my life to help bring out the best in me. He has truly mentored me.  It is crazy.  He is such an inspiration to me that it is not funny.  Some dirty habits and traits of undesirables that exist in my life, God has been using him to help me flush them out.  

However, one of the area that this man has mentored me and taught me the most, is in the area of self-control. One quality that my husband depicts (that I totally lacked) is self control – temperance (a fruit of the spirit).  God has used him to not only teach me but, show me how to behave whenever I am upset.  I had an anger problem and so whenever I am furious I would raise my voice…loudly, yell, slam doors, hit walls, argue at the top of my lungs and just carried on (although it was within the confines of my home) it was quite un lady like if you ask me. (Oh man scary).  At one point, realizing things were getting out of control, I began to write out and memorize scriptures regarding self – control and wrath, determined that if I know the word I would not get enraged (trying to change myself in my own strength).  It would help once or twice and then it would all go back to the same thing. It took me quite a while to learn this behaviour which I believe God really wanted me to learn as often He would often convict me about it. So whenever we had an argument and I am at the top of my lungs, my husband would simply say to me “you do not have to shout.  I do not believe that I am deaf” (Oh that would infuriate me).  I think I wanted him to shout alongside me rather than being so calm, collected and cool.  At times he would gently talk to me about it in our intimate moments and in a disagreement, he would totally remain peaceful and quiet while I just ranted and raved.  God wanted me to see how to behave and so he sent this man who is the complete opposite of me to help me.  Constantly he would be calm and even try to calm me down when I was in a rage over any little thing.  This went on for a while until slowly I began to recognize that my voice pitch decreased, the door slamming rarely occured, the dirty evil looks began to curve into smiles, the stomping turned into soft walks and the violent hissing of the teeth has evolved into gentle pecks of apologies on his cheecks whether I am the one at fault or not.  See, God could only help me after I turned it completely in his hands and out of my own and then decided to learn from my husband instead of rejecting his efforts to help me.  Now my anger issue has improved tremendously all because this man chose to be patient with me, taught me by being examplary therefore taming the Godzilla in me until now I am almost civil. 

So like me you may be struggling with a weakness of some kind.  Here is some “deep” advice: never be afraid to accept help but more importantly, expect help from a place or person you least expect it.  God likes to use the most unlikely sources and the most unlikely people to bring us to the place of change and elevation for our betterment so we can be used by him for his glory.  Let us go to him in prayer at this time that he may open our eyes to any direction his help may come. 

  •  Father I want to thank you for the wonderful people you have placed in my life at this point in time and the ones who are to come.  I pray you will cause me to be sensitive to those persons around me who You have positioned to mentor my life and help me with my weaknesses so I can grow into what you want me to be.  Give me the ability to recognize them and thereby submit to their aid and authority so your purpose and the greatness within me may be released.  Thank You for hearing and answering my prayer in Jesus’ name Amen.

copyright © 2010


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