*Yaaaay God*

It seems like many of the things God wanted to teach me, he just couldn’t because I was simply not at the place in my understanding to receive his revelations.  Since I had my son however, I realize it is so easy to understand many of the things He tried to teach me so many times before that I just could not comprehend.   One of the latest revelations came as a real hard truth.  Let me tell you about it.

Griping is one of the hardest periods of a baby’s life that any mother can undergo.  ITS HORRIBLE!   It honestly is just awful to say the least.  As a young first time mom, it was heart aching to watch my son squirm and fuss and cry and for the life of me, I could not understand why.   I sang, rubbed his belly, prayed, casted out the devil of pain and declare a spirit of soothing release and anything else you can think of – I did it.    Nothing worked!  After learning that it was possibly gripe, I went online immediately (I am a researcher by nature) to reinvestigate all I could about this subject. 

Now I knew of gripe in theory of course from my baby classes, but now the theory was manifesting in practicality and it was completely different.  It is painful to watch and had me in tears many, many times.  (I call it New Mother’s Syndrome) I had gripe medicine naturaly but it didn’t seem to work much at all. In the begining it sedated him and so he slept alittle but when he woke up the problem would still be there so it’s six of  one thing and half a dozen of another. 

I was recommended to a few others and they didn’t work either (frustrating).   As a first time mom, everyone has advice on what is best for your child. (annoying)   Having undergone all about I can handle from everyone, including my precious mom who resorted to herbs much against my will at first, but which I ended up consenting to out of desperation, which by the way did work a little – I have concluded that each child is unique and you simply need to find out what works best for yours.    Finally, I was totally convinced that no child could be griping  so early (less than 2 weeks old) that badly 24 hours of the day that he couldn’t even sleep at times.  So I ended up taking him to the doctor.  The paediatrician concluded, it is gripe and there is nothing much I can do about it except to abstain from certain foods that may help to lessen the gripe. He however prescribed a drops which I hoped would work.  It didn’t!  (disheartening)   Rather it caused him to be quite unsettled and disturbed his tiny stomach so he kept bringing up his milk. (depressing)

Out of despondency, I sat with him on my lap in tears.  I said to him “my baby, I would do anything to take away your pain if only I could do so, but this is happening because you are growing up. I am so sorry I cannot help“.   Just then the Lord spoke  softly to me.  He said “Now you understand how I feel as a father when my children have to undergo any kind of suffering for their own growth and maturity.  There are some things I just cannot take away no matter how much I want to.  Some believe I am the one causing it because after they pray the situation may still remain but what kind of Father would I be to cause suffering on my children?  Others believe it is my will for them to suffer but again, what kind of Father would I be to will my children to suffer?  I have already suffered once so my children would not have to.  I would do anything and have already done everything I can for my children and yet many fail to understand or even accept the truth that all my plans for them are good, not evil and thats why when evil does come upon them, I work it for good for them. You would do anything to stop your child’s suffering and I have done everything  but when any of my children do suffer it’s really just a part of growing up and how they do handle it makes all the difference in the world between their time in it and out of it. One thing they can rely on is I will always be there to help them through it”. 

I felt pure compassion permeating the words that Jesus spoke to me that afternoon and somehow for the first time, I understood clearly what he was talking about on this issue of suffering.  I cradled my son in my arms and allowed the words of Jesus to penetrate my being.  By this time NJ had stopped crying and had fallen asleep and I realized the exact thing my Saviour just whispered to me.  I could not stop his suffering but because I cradled Him and loved on him, I helped him through it and now he was resting in my arms.

My friend, I don’t  know what kind of trials, pain, suffering or calamity may have hit you and you, like my son may be undergoing distress.  Take heart today that your situation helps you to grow up one way or the other so be patient and endure it as it will mature you: “…be very happy when you are tested in different ways. You know that such testing of your faith produces endurance. [so] Endure until your testing is over. Then you will be mature and complete, and you won’t need anything”. (James 1:2 -4)    Know one thing today, Jesus will never leave you all alone to battle all by yourself.  He may not be able to rescue you as quickly as you would like but one thing is  assured, He promises to be with you always: Matt 28:20 “…And remember that I am always with you until the end of time” and also to work every situation out for your good: Romans 8:28 – “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God-those whom he has called according to his plan”.  So hold on.  Sit on his lap and let him cradle you through your storm and you can rest in his arms.  Eventually you will hear “PEACE BE STILL” and then it will all be over .  Yaaaay God!

copyright © 2010


2 thoughts on “*Yaaaay God*

  1. This is really interesting…as i read (especially the words in red) i really took time out to think and somehow i felt a bit calm because I am at a very rough patch right now and this jus kinda assured me that it won’t be like this 4ever…so glad I read it…

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