*Just Stay Put*

Yesterday, I had a great laugh and eventually learnt quite a lesson from it.  Wanna know? Ok ok since you insist let me tell you about it.  One of my spiritual daughters came to look for NJ and just hang out with us for the day.  Problem was, she had only been to my home about 3 times before and those times were a while ago.  Though the directions to my home (if followed) can be quite simply, the actual area is a bit confusing so if one gets lost, it can be pretty worisome if not resuced. So lets say the directions are right left, right left…she forgot and told the driver, left right, left right.

After a while when I noticed, I did not see her coming I began to get concerned since she has to take an other taxi to get to my home after she arrives in the town.  No sooner did I think the thought, my phone rang.  When I answered this is what I heard: “I think I am lost”  my reply: “well where are you now?  What directions did you give the driver?”…   “I told him left right, left right” … “what? that’s not correct” …”yeah I kinda figure and now I don’t know where I am” … “ok ok.  just tell me what you see and I will instruct you on how to get to me from there”. 

She began to tell me and I recognized her location so I started to direct her to me.  She then proceeded to tell me that my directions could not be correct because thats not what she remembered from her last visit which if I may say was over 2 months ago. (lol)  So I told her to stay put and I will come get her.  By the time I unfolded the stroller to go out I saw her laughing her way towards my home.   She decided to follow my directions after all and so she found me.   We both had such a laugh it was simply hilarious.  What contributed to the joke was the fact that the directions she gave to the driver actually took her back to where she started on the main road instead of inside the neighbourhood.  She was then so embarrassed she came out and began to walk.  That is when she decided to call me. (Unbelieveable)

After she left in the evening and I began to ponder the day with a grin, it hit me: That is exactly what happens when we do not spend enough time with God.  We get lost.  Had she the opportunity to frequently visit my home, there is no way she would have gotten lost.  She would have known the exact direction to me.  See, when we spend time in the presence of God, we get to know him so we know exactly where to find him whenever we need him.  Even further, because we know him, we can better trust him when He speaks even if His counsel sounds unfamiliar, scary or ridiculous.  Remember “the foolishness of God is wiser than man” (1 Cor. 1:25).   I guess the best thing about it is that no matter what happens, if we do get lost, Jesus knows the world  so well that he knows exactly where we are and will come and get us. 

Maybe today you might be feeling lost because you have forgotten God’s address.  You might have forgotten how to get to him although you thought you knew.   May be you even could be lost because you have not followed God’s direction properly.  Here is some “deep” advice: “Don’t Panic! Just Phone Home”.  Call Him and let him know what is happening – it’s referred to as prayer. Call him and tell him what you are seeing (or feeling) where you are at.  He knows you and the world so well that His love and compassion will cause him to come and find you.  So don’t worry or be afraid.  He will be there in a just minute.  All you need to do is “Just Stay put!!”

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