I  watched something unfolding a few nights ago that just made me quite pensive about this Chrisitan journey we are walking.  Let me share.    The other night, I was attending to my son when for some unknown reason the power went off.  I was just about to put on his diaper when poof – and the room went from bright light to dark night and the entire neighbourhood was covered in darkness.  . 

Now all the time I was there NJ was gigling, gamboling, smiling and being what he knows how to be – a baby.  As soon as the entire place went dark, I paused and so he was unable to see me or hear me.  Immediately he began to fuss and became disquieted because now his vision was impaired due to the sudden change in his environment.  The interesting thing was that I was still there but he was unable to see me.  He was holding onto my hand and the more he fussed is the tighter he latched onto my fingers.

Just then his father said “don’t move I am coming with some light so you can see”When he heard the voice of his dad he stopped his agitation and then I commenced talking to him.  With his grip now tigher than ever, he began to move again gigling and amusing himself with himself.  Then his father came with some light and  started talking with him while I continued changing him.  He recognized that he could now see both of us and his excitement heightened with intense kicking and smiling.

I thought about it and realized that is exactly what happens to us when our situations suddenly change negatively on us.  One instant we could be on the mountain top of  joy with the Lord and one ordeal, one lie is told on us, one person takes advantage of us, one business deal falls through, one horror movie is watched, one mystical/horror online game is played, one pornographic content beholds our eyes, one friend causes us to indulges in a sexual act, ONE THING overtakes us and plumages us to the deepest darkest place we had never been before.  In those miserable,  morose, melancholic moments, we tend to cry, fuss, complain and even feel alone.  The truth albeit is that we are never alone.  God is still with us holding onto us in our morbid moments.  His promises are real that He will never leave us nor forsake us – EVER!

My friend, if you find that your situation has suddenly negatively shifted on you today don’t worry.  Simply listen for his voice.  His words of assurance will tell you not to be fearful or worry because he is right there with you even though it seems like the problem has blackened your vision of Him.  He loves you and cares so deeply for you that even if your next move is hidden in obscurity, you can rest assured that because he is who he says he is, He will deliver you, reveal the light of his way in your dark despondency and pretty soon you will be able to have light again in your world. 1 John 1:5 This then is the message which we have… and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. His presence radiates light and all you have to do is trust Him and He will illumine your path when your ONE THING presence darkness for you.

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4 thoughts on “% ONE THING %

  1. This is so true,at times i feel so alone while going through all my challenges. And then i remember that the God is right there with me as He has premises to NEVER leave me.

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