* 10 or 7? *

Anyone who knows me to an extent, knows that there are some stories I always tell because of  how significant I believe they are and also due to how much they impacted my life.  One such is my “Dumplin Story”.  This happened about 10 years ago.  I was just getting to know God and the power of his might and this on-the-job-training experience was a leap into something totally new and quite unexpected for me.  I was getting to that place of knowing Him and developing a relationship with Him.  He had  brought me out of some situations and I decided that although I was still a teenager I was going to stop mess around get serious about my walk with Him.

I was at home one evening and was cooking and so I poured some flour into a bowl.  I was planning to have boiled dumplins and wanted to know how many dumplins the flour that I poured was going to eventually boil. I first of all mixed in all the ingredients and kneaded the flour into the dough and then I turned to the Holy Spirit and asked: “I need 10 dumplins for dinner tonight. Based on the amount of dough in the bowl how many will I receive?”  He said to me: “Seven”.  I said “What? No way! there is way too much dough for me to only get 7”.  He did not answer.  I proceeded.  I began to break the dough into bits to ensure I got 10.  In my heart I said “No way am gonna get just 7 dumplins from all this dough” so I broke it into 10 bits and began to smile at God.  I kneaded the first one and the second one and the third all this time ensuring that I actually have enough left to amount to ten. By the time I reached the 4th I realised that instead of having 6 left, I had 5.  (HUH???)  I thought to myself and said noo, this cannot be real”.  I did the 5th one and instead of having 5 left, I had 3.  (WHAT??  This is ridiculous!!)  I went on to the 6th bit then realized I had 1 remaining.  (WHAT!!.  This is crazy!!  I do not believe it – I better, because it was unfolding right before my eyes)  I was so shocked I nearly fainted.  Upon recognizing that I actually had 1 bit left so I truly got 7 dumplins out of the dough I was so knocked out of my wits I just began to laugh.  I had a belly full of laugher at myself that day.  So I evenutally had to pour out more flour and went through the entire process again to get the other three I needed for dinner.  It was quite an experience for me and taught me a lesson I will never forget.

I learnt a valuable truth that day, that I should learn to take God at his word because whatever He says is true and truth and cannot be anything else. He has told us: “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” – John 14:6 .  Truth is so important to God that Jesus said truth would make us holy.  He prayed and asked the Father to: “Use the truth to make them holy. Your words are truth” – John 17:17 .  He also tells us that even when we worship him we ought to “worship him … in spirit and truth” – John 4:24.  

We can rest assured in His promises towards us today because we know He is truth and everything that proceeds from His mouth is truth.  He literally is UNABLE to lie. Hebrews 6:18a says “… it was impossible for God to lie…”.    It still is one of the impossibilites of God – He cannot lie!!!  Honestly – He simply can’t!  This helps us to be confident in Him: “… [because he cannot lie], Those of us who have taken refuge in him hold on to the confidence we have been given”. – Hebrews 6:18b. God is truth and when he takes an oath or makes a promise, He always fufil his part. These two things can never be changed.  I have figured out then that if situations are unfavourable and he says it will be ok – then it will be.  If it does look favourable in our eyes and he says it won’t be – then it won’t be!  Even when we try to make situations work in our favour (as I did), we have no guarantee they will be. His Word is who he is.  His words are so important to him that he says: Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away”. Matthew 24:35 –  He knows all (0miscient) and sees all so since his view is panoramic and ours is rather limited then my friend you should learn to: “Trust the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding”. – Proverbs 3:5   Believe me when I tell you that He will direct your footsteps and light your way when you learn to use childlike faith and just take him at his word.

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