% No Regrets %

If you have any kind of true relationship with God, then you ought to know you have to protect it at all cost and that may mean sacrificing somethings or giving up some body you reeaallly love.  I know what it feels like to make a difficult decision for the greatness that is within me when speaking heart-wise. I had to give up someone I loved for the ultimate love for Jesus.   After an encounter with God who granted me a whole new experience and told me that He was doing a new thing in me back in 1999, I had a challenging decision to make.  I was in an environment where I was being mentored (unknown to me back then) and I knew some things had to change.  I wanted to get higher and deeper in God but I was in a relationship that was slowly heading in a sexual direction I was not ready for and did not want it go quite yet at all.  It was quite distracting and taking up much of my time.  What do I do? Do I try to balance this relationship with the young man I love and a relationship with God whom I also love?  Could I? oh It was such a hard decision to make. (Quite painful on the heart actually)  I knew that I had to choose however…God or him?  (Oh man it was like torture).  Nevertheless, after much deliberation and heart aching agony, I chose God and today I am not sorry.  I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful son and totally have no regrets.  Interesting to note is that after all this time, I had an engaging conversation with him recently, he told me that even though he has a lovely girlfriend and a beautiful baby; he is not ready for marriage at his age until possibly 5 years from now.  He is almost 30 years old.  I thought to myself, “I wonder if I had chosen him over God if that is the kind of lifestyle I would be living today?” Quite possible.  (What a pity)

If you find in God the treasures that he has in store for you even to the slightest degree you will know that only a true sacrifice of yourself is worthy enough for Jesus our Lord and Saviour.  Listen to what He tells us “… anyone who sacrifices home, family, fields—whatever—because of me will get it all back a hundred times over, not to mention the considerable bonus of eternal life” – Matt 19:29. God is true to his words and so we know any kind of sacrifice that we make for him, will be rewarded.  He made the ultimate sacrifice with his life: he died a brutal, horrific death for us. (What more could anyone ask for really?)  The least we can do is give ourselves to him, body soul and spirit without regrets. Let me ask you: What do you have in your possession or in your heart that you need to sacrifice for Him today?  A television program he’s telling you to stop watching?  A particular friend he keeps warning you about? A relationship you know you need to end? A bad habit to change that has been bringing you and him shame and embarrassment? A place he’s telling you to stop going?  An offering of your last that he’s prompting you to give? A book he says you are to cease reading?   Whatever the case may be your love for him should cause you to obey.  He says: “If you love me, you will obey my commandments”. – John 14:15If you find you are disobeying his voice because of your own desires I have one question to ask you “How much do you truly love Him?” 

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5 thoughts on “% No Regrets %

  1. What you did was awesome and inspiring. It seemed as if the person you were with was not ready to commit. So i have a question. If your are in a relationship where you are committed to each other and looks forward to having a future together, however due to financial difficulties you are unable to get married, do you leave him for that sole reason and choose God alone or do you try to find a balance?

  2. hey. thanks for reading and commenting. Remember i did not leave him because of committment issues, finances, trust, communication or anything like that. I chose to leave because i was being distracted by my relationship which was going down a sexual path i wasn’t ready for & we were not ready for marriage since we were still young. Sooo, if someone is dating and they are unable to get married due financial reasons that is no reason to leave and choose God. He must be chosen against all odds, despite all odds and whether or not there are odds. I chose Him because I wanted to get closer to him and my relationship was hindering that. So if a person finds that he/she can balance a committed, pure, non-sexual (until marriage) relationship with a totally deep, intimate relationship with God then go for it:-)

  3. yeah this is so true…..I remember going against God’s will as it relates to relationship got involved with someone He told me (personally) not to get involved it and I didn’t listen and saw the “ripple” effect for years, but I’m learning to lean on Him as it relates to that! Thanks again Amo!

    1. really? wow! i sure do hope that soon these effects will disappear. since you have learnt (Am sure) I know the right one is out there (if not yet found) and all in good time the wedding and honeymoon will fall into place.

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