My mom told me the story of the first time she sent me out on the road by myself.  She had always taught me how to walk on the road – look up, look down, then look up and down again, make sure there are no on coming vehicles then cross the street.   When walking on the road stick as close to the corner as possible if there are no sidewalks available  etc.   She taught me well I would say.  However, she was not ready when the time came to actually allow me to go out by myself.  She told me how I would ask her to send me alone to the local grocery.  Although she taught me well, she was truly scared.  Nevertheless, one day she finally did so.   She said she sent me but hid in the nearby bushes  (unknown to me ofcourse) as she watched me carefully.  She said she saw my every move.  Sometimes she hid behind a tree, a neighbour’s fence, whatever it took to ensure I didn’t see her.

She was so freaked on occasions when it seems like I was not close enough to the edge of the corners and couldn’t wait until I reached to where there were sidewalks.  Finally I went, got the stuff and headed back home.  She was waiting for me outside the gate when I returned.  She placed warm kisses on my cheecks and piled on tons of hugs on me and told me how much she was proud of me.  I felt happy and proud of myself too. The interesting thing is that all the time I thought I was alone, my mom was right there watching my every move and was just a few steps away to come to my rescue if I needed it.

When I thought of it, I realise its just like Jesus.  After God teaches us all we need to know, He empowers us then releases us into the world to execute all he has taught us.   The awesome thing is that along the new experiences we are thrown into, God will always be there watching us and over us so much closer than you could possibly imagine.  He will be behind a new event, a kind word, a missed opportunity, a new found friend, an unexplained occurrence…you name it.  He will be there, protecting you, watching over you, challenging you, inspiring you, helping you, teaching you, loving you, caring for you…HE WILL BE THERE!!   Many times you will not notice but He will still be there.  So take heart when situaitons arise, that seem way above your reach.  It may seem like he is playing hide-and-seek wth you but chances are he is probably playing  peek-a-boo with you and had been leaving clues for you to find him all along.  If you have tried to find him but have not here is some “deep” advice if you feel scared “Just check again!”

copyright© 2010


4 thoughts on “*Peek-a-boo*

  1. U r so true mommy. There av been many times it seemed as if God wuz not there 4 me but I checked again and He wuz there.

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