When I got my son’s stroller I was extremely happy.  His godmother shipped it from the US and I could not wait to see it.  It was supposed to be top of  the Disney line brand furnished with the car seat and playpen as one complete set.  [Exciting] Oh how quickly I wanted it assembled so NJ could get his first ride in it.  The car seat is able to attach to the stroller to make one and so when we are out, I can be looking straight at NJ face to face.  I had never seen one like that before so I was really eager and thrilled to have gotten it for him.

Ohh I loved it: perfect colour, perfect texture, perfect padding, perfect Winnie Pooh drawings even the toys that came with it was perfect…perfect, perfect, PERFECT!  I began to assemble it based on the instructions and one by one little by little everything began falling into place.  (yaay)  Then it happened – a crux.  According to the instruction, there was a whole section that I needed to do that I had to find two little connectors called cotter pins and I could not find them. (oh no!)  I searched everywhere but could not locate the little things.  I began to wonder if it was possibly lost at the Wharf since the box was ransacked while we were waiting to clear the items or maybe they fell out in the vehicle or… I don’t know.  (I was saddened)   Then I realized that based on where the instructions said the part was located in the wheel  it really could not have gotten lost so easily.  Then it hit me that maybe I was not looking deep enough in the area.  So I got a tool and began to pry the wheel open to see if the little cotter pins were embedded and maybe that’s why I could not see them.  To my horror, the area I was trying to open was revealing the gears which should not be showing and so I was actually destroying the wheel.  (oh Jesus)   I was so frustrated!  Finally, after about an hour I gave the search a rest.  I decided to take a break, have something to eat and continue afterwards.  I read and reread the instructions.  I could go no further unless I found those two little pins.  I prayed for help and guidance and for another hour or more I did everything possible to find them all without hope. Eventually I gave up – I felt defeated.  I wanted to surprise my husband by doing it myself and that was not about to happen. (I was real disappointed)

Somewhere on the inside I kept feeling like the Holy Spirit was saying I should connect the wheels without looking for the part any further.  Having gone so far and now being stuck I thought to myself, “you know it cannot hurt.  Afterwards I will just take off the wheel and when my husband comes see if he can help me”.  According to my understanding of the manual the wheels should not even be able to connect unless the cotter pins are joined.  So really I had nothing more to lose.  So I took up the wheels placed it on as instructed and to my surprise I heard “CLICK” (What??)   So I took up the other and followed suite “CLICK” (Huh?)  I checked and checked and rechecked only to find out that that specific area to be assembled was pre-done based on the type of  Travel System purchased and so all I needed to do was move to the next step. (I was extremely relieved and overjoyed well more like ecstatic.)

Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me gently and said: “This is exactly what is happening to the world today.  All that my people need was already provided through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus yet people fail to just accept my salvation and all it brings and simply move on into living for me.  Some think they have to work so hard to get it as if their works will save them when its my grace through their faith.  Others – like you just now, don’t know the blood of Jesus provides everything they need so they give up because they seem to be stuck and unable to move from one place in their life.  When all they need to do is surrender all to me and trust in faith that I will show them the way out. Didn’t My word say “the just shall live by faith?”. [Gal. 3:11]   Even some others are unwilling to seek for Me because seeking takes time and effort when all I want to do in their search is show them great and mighty unknown things so their joy can be full.  Isn’t that what true revelation is?  But I do tell you today my daughter all that you need and will ever need is already provided.  It is wrapped up in the package of love called Jesus Christ and those who do earnestly seek for Him despite all odds, in spite of all odds and through all odds shall surely find Him”.

After I heard the Holy Spirit I smiled.  I realised its all true.  Based on the death that Jesus suffered for us in that he was sinless but became sin for us so we could be approved and made righteous, all we need and will ever need was provided through Him.   2 Corinthians 5:21  says – “God had Christ, who was sinless, take our sin so that we might receive God’s approval through him”. GWB   Therefore all we will ever need is surely wrapped in Jesus.  I do not know what your need is today but here is a “deep” advice:  It is all in Jesus.  How do we get it out you might ask. Well  in addition to your intimate relationship and worshipful lifestyle all you need is faith.  These combined you will surely get your spiritual CLICK and you will know you have just been connected, yep! your provision is on the way. (Hallelujah – “Halah to Yahweh!”)

copyright© 2010


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