*Tougher Than That*

Recently I was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.  It is not my most favourite thing to say it mildly but you have to do what you have to do right?  So I was in the middle of the preparation when I felt the most excruciating pain flashed across my fingers.  Since I was using some pretty sharp utensils I figure for sure that my finger was sliced deep within and blood would be gushing forth any second. I waited thinking I will just run the water on it to clean it, then bandage it.

However, to my surprise when I looked at my finger not an inch of blood was seen. (What?)  With the intensity of the pain that shot up my finger I could not believe it was not cut. I examined it over and over again – No cut, not even a scrape.  Just then the Holy Spirit said: “you are tougher than that”.   What?” I said to Him and he repeated “I made you tougher than that”.  So I smiled and then I thought to myself  “yeah, that is really true”.

Then it hit me:  This is exactly what happens when circumstances that are negative come our way. The death of a love one, an unfulfilled dream, a brutal lie told to us or on us, a vision that seems unreachable, an idea laughed at, a broken heart, a goal which appears unattainable, a flawed public performance, a failed exam …the list is endless.  It always feels so painful, so hurtful, so wounding, so terrible.   It is as if we do not want to live or our emotions will never be healed. We often feel like we would die.  The situation can be so ghastly and overwhelming you feel like life will never be on course again but the truth is: no matter how bad it may seem or feel at present, you will overcome because you are tougher than that!   Despite how awfully dreadful the problem is, you will survive because you were made tougher than that. Repeat: – YOU WERE MADE TOUGHER THAN THAT!!    You may not feel like it, but its true. When Christ is with you, you have the strength of a lion because Jesus (who is the conquering lion [Rev 5:5]) is within you and His joy is what gives you strength.  To be honest, many times if you try to see the circumstance through Jesus’ eyes you will realize it is really not as bad as it may appear on the surface. Unpleasant – yeah, horrific – maybe, but fear not – don’t sweat it, because you are tougher than it – trust me! 

So if you are in a slump because of a bad situation and you feel like you won’t live, let me give you some “deep” advice “You are tougher than that!”  (too repetitive? It’s meant to be).   I heard a story from a good source that if you are a christian – which means you are following Jesus and He lives in you then there is nothing (or anyone) that is greater than Him so you are a winner from the start – Ha can you believe  it?  Let me prove it to you.  Listen to this: “…you belong to God. So you have won the victory…because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. – 1 John 4:4 – GWB.  So if you know this with your heart as much as you know it with your head then you will always bounce back no matter how challenging it may seem.  Just think to yourself  “I am tougher than that”!

copyright © 2010


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