*Just Do It*

One of the hardest things to do as a child of God is to obey Him when the situation seems inconvenient to us. I have learnt the hard way that disobedience is baaad [properly stressed I hope] and because I have paid dearly for it on several occasions, I now try to walk in obedience at all times especially when I would not want to do so.   Honestly, sometimes you do not get the result you were hoping for but when you do, it’s the most rewarding and fulfilling experience ever (not to mention how much it draws us closer to Jesus).  I had one of those ‘rewarding experiences’ recently and I proved to myself yet again, that only true, prompt and complete obedience honours Jesus. 

So here I was at a particular church, at the end of the service, everyone going about their own business, when the Lord started to draw my attention to a young lady. He began to open my spiritual eyes to things in her life and I knew then and there that He wanted to get me involved. [arrgghh]  He said to me “call her and pray with her”.  [Oh man]  She was standing with some friends practicing a song they were planning to sing at some kind of service they were planning to attend that night.  She seemed real busy and quite preoccupied with what she was doing and for me to call her and interrupt was something I truly did not want to do. (oh brother)   I stood there for a while trying to plan and plot a way to subtly call her from her task and friends.  Remember now, I am visiting this church.  She does not know me and vice versa.  The only thing working for me I guess was that the minister had previously introduced me as a Pastor and she had seen me praying for him.   So these may be on my side therefore she may not think I am some kind of wierdo who wanna intrude on her time and whatnot.  (gosh – rolling eyes)

I waited and waited until it appeared as if she had finished the song training amongst the other things she seemed involved in, then I beckoned to her and when she came, I asked “can I pray with you?”   “sure” she responded and placed her belongings on the bench in front of us and got in the circle I had my team make around her. Up until this time, I have no idea what the Holy Spirit wanted me to say to her.  Usually He would’ve given me a word already but I was not worried I knew I was being obedient so He would do the rest.  Then my mouth opened and I began to speak.  I had no idea what I was going to say, I just know my mouth was moving and I heard words coming from it.  The Holy Spirit began to speak to her through me and He gave her a kind word of encouragement.  After that He began to show me more things in her life and so I began to pray about them and generally just ministered to her spirit.  She was so overwhelmed, she was crying and stuff and eventually fell to her knees in adoration to the most high God.

After we were through and she gathered herself, she told me that very morning she told God that she is so discouraged and confused she just did not know what to do.  {interestingly enough, when God began to speak to her through me, the first words I heard coming from my lips were: “Do not be discouraged“}  She said she told God that very morning that if there was ever a time he had a word for her she really, desperately needed it that day.  The thing that overwhelmed me of all she said to me were the words: “Thank you for being obedient to God to call me and pray for me because I truly needed it”.  [WOW!] I felt so great on the inside.  I thanked God so much that in spite of the fact that I did not want to – I did it.

Obeying God means surrendering [ALOT] because many of the times it comes at a price of inconvenience to us.  However when we think of how inconvenienced Christ was [understatement of the century] to go to the cross out of love and compassion for us,  it should propel us to do what he wants, when he wants, in spite of our wants.  The rewards are priceless and many times, life changing. The statement “to obey is better than sacrifice” 1 Samuel 15:22 is absolutely true.  God requires complete, prompt obedience because many times unknown to us someone’s future depends on it and our delayed obedience [which is disobedience] can actually result in the death of someone else. Yes it may be inconvenient to you – but Just do it.  Yes it may hurt your feelings now and again but Just do it.  Yes you may end of looking like a fool (which will happen occasionally) but Just do it.  Yes it may cost you something (or someone) but Just do it. Yes you may be afraid but Just do it.   Just Imagine –  what if you needed a word from God about the most important decision of your life to that moment? Would you like to know that someone had it from God but because of their own selfishness they chose not to share it and so you make a wrong choice that damaged your future? I am certain you would not.  Hence “Do unto others as…”  Yeah you know the rest of it but let me still say it “…you would want them to do unto you” [uh huh] So let me leave you with some “deep” advice, the next time you think of disobeying God’s request because of whatever reason – DON’T.  Just Do It!

copyright © 2010


4 thoughts on “*Just Do It*

  1. This is also a great word of encouragement to me today!

    I was discussing the topic of knowing what God is saying to us on another blog and I said that knowing what God wants from us has never been nearly as much of a challenge to me as doing it sometimes is.

    Just Do It! that’s kind of catchy…lol

    Bless You Sister and your ministry!

  2. my my my my my…just imagine that….many times we say it our “mind” telling us to do some stuff…but sometimes it is truly God speaking to us to go and minister to someone….I pray that we may always seek to be obedient to God because as you say sometimes obedience is the hardest thing for a child of God to do….thanks again Amo

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