Which Are You?

“You are just a child, act like one!” 

“Oh my goodness, will you stop acting like a child!”

These are the two phrases that use to puzzle me a lot when I was younger.  One minute my mom would be telling me the first, then after an incident  or bad situation of which I may be the instigator or victim I would hear the latter.  I was quite confused honestly.  Am I a child or not?   Should I act like a child or not?  Sheesh!  Will you just make up your mind man!  [arrrghh – rolling eyes after she left]. 

The Bible seems to be like my mom at times.  One minute it says: “I can guarantee this truth: Whoever doesn’t receive the kingdom of God as a little child receives it will never enter it.” Luke 18:17 – GWB.   Then another minute Paul says “When I was an infant at my mother’s breast, I gurgled and cooed like any infant. When I grew up, I left those infant ways for good”. 1 Corinthians 13:11 – Msg.    So then if  we leave our infant ways how are we suppose to receive the kingdom as a little child? [hmm] 

I believe because of the misunderstandings of the Bible, people tend to think it is contradictory – But it’s not at all.  I have found out that you cannot just read the bible, you have to READ THE BIBLE!  {Am I confusing you?}  What I mean is that, you cannot just read the bible as you would any other book.  You have to read in order to get revelation through the Holy Spirit.  The word of God is not just for information and education, it is for inspiration through revelation which brings illumination and manifestation.   Dr. Cindy trimm teaches the 5 step process as follows: 1)information, 2) comprehension, 3) revelation, 4) activation and then 5) manifestation.  See, it is revelation which will give you spiritual understanding hence making it clear so you can know God and thereby be able to manifest what He desires for your life. Its not just about knowing what the Bible says with your head.  That is why some Bible Colleges have professors who know what the Bible says in verbatim – head knowledge and yet do not believe in the God of the Bible – no revelation – heart knowledge.

The Bible says we must be childlike not childishChildlike means: to be trusting and innocent.  While childish means: being petty, immature and foolish.  Therefore what the Bible is really saying is we must be trusting and wise  and not immature and foolish [regardless of our age].  To be especially clear let me interject by emphasizing that when the Bible speaks of being childlike it has nothing to do with our age.  We simply, no matter how old we are, need to develop a relationship of trust in God and grow daily in our faith thereby fashioning his character based on our reliance and confidence in him regardless of circumstances. 

Let me further explain. We all know everyone laughs and thinks it is cute if a 4 month old grabs a lady’s breast.  [it really is cute…smile].  However if a 40-year-old does the same, we would call him a pervert and maybe give him a fine whipping [if you are the type to do so] for the same act.  Why?  Well, because one is a child and the other is not.  One knows better and the other does not.  One is mature and the other is not.  Likewise as an infant Christian Jesus winks at our ignorance (Acts 17:30)  because we are babes in our faith.  However the older we get, we are expected to get mature and behave as such.   As a baby Christian He understands when you refuse to forgive because of how hurt you are (He does not agree but he comprehends) and he puts out great measures to help you when you fall in that area but after a while he begins to pull his help away when you still refuse to forgive.  Why? Well, because he expects you to grow up and be mature due to the fact that you are older in your faith and know better now.

God [or your parents] expect you to be mature concerning right decision-making based on what they have taught you (although parents tend to forget that young people are poor at it at times) but still be their little boy or girl at other times.  So how do we strike the balance?   Well in the christian journey, we ought to move from faith to faith {Rom 1:17} based on our experience and application of right teaching.  As a child of God, the more we develop our relationship with him we get to know him, so our faith will increase and this will take us from immaturity to maturity. It is just as growing up in the natural (invisibly) moves us from a child into an adult based on our experiences and knowledge.  It’s simply normal everyday living.  Likewise it should be spiritually normal to grow from being childish to childlike pleasing God at every step possible.  So let your self-examination begin:  “Childish or Childlike“.  Which are you?    

copyright © 2010

Which Am I?

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