I was watching a movie last night that got me thinking.  I have watched it a few times previously but for the first time I actually caught it from the beginning. The name of the movie was “Conan”.  The part that hit me was when Conan saved the wizard from death (through cannibalism).  He turned towards him and said “I need you” and the wizard answered “I am yours”.  [oh my gosh]  He did not know for what, until when, to go where, or even why.  They were about to undertake a journey into the unknown and he did not even ask why. [can u believe it?]

I thought to myself, this is exactly what should happen in this Christian journey.  See, Conan saved him from death because he was about to undertake a voyage where there was mystical and magical interference and so although he had the muscles, he needed a wizard to help counteract all the witchcraft that would be thrown their way to divert and block their path.  I then got to thinking, Jesus saved us not necessarily because he needs our help as much as he loves us and does not want us to go to hell.  Yet he has to undergo so much in order to get our devotion to him.  On this same journey Conan helped an Amazon warrior thief  and she fought her way to freedom.  She  followed Conan and begged him to let her ride with them {into the unknown} and she would willingly give her life for him. [what?]  I thought again this is how it should be with us.  Jesus saved some us who were thieves, liars, fornicators, adulterers, murderers, rapists, haters, rebellious and the list is endless.  We were ALL sinners.  He saved us even tough we reject him daily by our thoughts and actions because He loves us.  Yet he has to sit by and watch as we choose to destroy ourselves because we refuse to be fully committed to Him.  We don’t want to submit or surrender to him when he just wants us to be fiel so we can get to know him.

You know unlike Conan who was not even hurt trying to save the wizard and the warrior-thief, Jesus went through a horrific, brutal, sacrificial death so you would not have to suffer a brutal, horrific death.  It is for your salvation that he willingly chose to die and would do it all over again, if you were the only one who needed to be saved.    The group of people who travelled this journey, underwent dangers, trials, deception, witchcraft and many near-death experiences but all the people [except the one originally sent in deception] remained faithful until the end.  They completed the task and stayed with Conan until the mission was complete.  They fought, they quarrelled, they laughed but more importantly they stayed fiel to the one who saved them. They were loyal to a man who does not even have the capacity to give them eternal life.  Albeit he preserved their physical life and for them, that was enough. If people can be fiel to rock stars, dance hall artists, hip hop artists, politicians, designers, television personalities etc. who do not have the power to give life [but in some cases even take life] how much more should we be fiel to God who comes to gives us physical and eternal life (John 10:10) and even further, gives us our hearts’ desires (Psalm 37:4).  Can you imagine?  [pretty tough choice we have huh?]

He requires our devotion not because he wants to use us as much as because he loves us and simply wants to be in relationship with us.  Yes, this christian life is also a journey [like Conan’s], filled with dangers, trials, deception, witchcraft and even near-death experiences, but like Conan was there to help fight with his followers, we know we have more than enough help.  We have Jesus and his innumerable angels.  He promises to protect us and guide us and be with us FOREVER (echoing: ever, ever, ever, ever), so we have nothing to fear.  All you need is to accept what he has provided and bam! you’re in.  So what are you waiting for to get fully fiel?  Whether you have fallen spiritually like the wizard or fallen physically like the warrior-thief, is of no concern to God.  He is waiting for you to realize that he is ready and willing to save and forgive you.  Here is some “deep” advice: Yea, you may have fallen but don’t sweat it.  He wants you – you with all your mistakes and failures!  Make this the time when you get back in the game and realize that he says in Luke 19:10 he has come to seek and save the one who is lost, was lost and may become lost.  [Which are you?]   All he asks is that you become fiel: (spanish for faithfulloyal or committed) despite life’s challenges.  So decide that this summer and beyond all you will be is simply: FIEL.

copyright © 2010


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