*The Good Stuff*

Recently I was involved in a rather engaging conversation.  I wanted to find out Pamela’s* views on why people consume alcohol.  I am so tired of seeing young people drink, get drunk and think it is just fun.  I see them most times end up in the mornings with serious hang overs, tattooes they don’t even remember getting, beds they don’t remember going into, clothes they don’t remember taking off, internet pictures and videos they don’t remember making, vomiting and wallowing in that vomit. You hear of roadside accidents due to drunkenness and even events that are held simply to compete in drinking. [crazy]  I know what it feels like to be drunk and so I shared it with her. The conversation went (in verbatim) as follows:

Me: hey, i have a question: I always wonder about intoxication – with alcohol [which makes us say & do crazy even embarrassing things], is that truly fun?

Pamela: “It enhance the party vibes. It gives you the courage to do things you wouldn’t normally do. However if u drink to the point where you don’t have some control over your actions it can be detrimental. I am a social drinker. I’ve never been to the point where I don’t know what i’m doing. It gives me the boost to do anything and then I decide. In other words it gives me the boost to do what I have always wanted to do but too scared to do it. you have to know your limit”.

Me: oh ok. was honestly wondering. See I have been inebriated several, several times [love it] and it sure does give me the courage (like you) to do anything. In fact I have gone to the point where I was totally without control over my actions but it was in no way detrimental. Matter of fact it was down right liberating. [I have done some pretty wild and far-out stuff…smile]. I guess people use different tools for boost. ok, cool.

Pamela: WOW! U surprise me! I just love Christians who have experienced life and knows what is out there. I feel more relax talking to u now. I feel like you can understand me.

Me: I am glad u feel more comfortable talking with me now (didn’t know you were previously in discomfort) I know us Christians can really be stuck-up and judgmental. Nonetheless I think our methods of intoxication are vastly different, though they produce some what similar results. Yes, I have been inebriated several times (and love it) but not with alcohol or drugs (though it is as addictive). My method of courage and enablement is called the anointing. It causes me to do the impossible right before my very eyes. It enhances my party vibes and I do not have to be limited in its usage. It allows me the crazies but no matter how wild it gets, someone leaves changed from the inside out. It’s awesome! I leave every Holy Ghost party wondering how to top the last. The young ppl I hang with can’t wait to get down and “dirty” with heavenly experiences that literally nothing on earth can compare. yep! That’s where I get my boost. I get deluged daily and never in embarrassment or humiliation. It makes me free and clean inside and out. It’s a blow out man! Once you have tasted this good stuff there’s no turning back. Trust Me! I hope my confession has in no way changed ur thoughts of me or worst diminished ur level of ease in talking with me.

Pamela: It’s not that I wasn’t really comfortable talking to you, but I always have my guard up when talking to Christians. They usually come off “holier than thou”. I know you are aware of these characteristics in Christians. I like the way you explain your interaction with the Holy Ghost. I don’t know if you have ever been intoxicated with alcohol but you made a pretty good comparison which I found humorous and I did enjoy reading. I think you should post this on your blog. I know exactly what you are describing, I have been intoxicated with the Holy Spirit on numerous occasions therefore I can relate to the feeling you describe. I feel even more at ease talking to you. You make Christianity sounds fun and exciting. You show me that no matter what i enjoy doing , in Jesus it is far better and more enjoyable and I really like that. Thanks.

That was the conversation.  Let me tell you man, the true good stuff is called the Anointing. Its better than alcohol.  [Anyday!] Get drunk on that.   [oh yeah] Be filled up with that. {Ephesians 5:19}  It breaks and destroys stress.  {Isaiah 10:27}  It sets good: bad habits, bad behaviour, bad dreams, bad friends, bad ideas, bad thoughts, bad actions, bad people…basically; everything bad that you let it loose on. It’s that good baby. It gets you wasted – but in a good way. It gets you changed from the inside out instead of outside in (it’s much better this way).  It’s the life of the party – trust me!  I am hooked on it, got to get my daily dose or I go nuts. [Its awesome]. Many people present a fake but you will know when you taste the real deal because it becomes addictive. Its life changing and unlimited in its supply.  So tell me: have you ever had this good stuff?  It’d be a real shame if you hadn’t, cause once you’ve had this good stuff, it only gets better.

*Pamela – fake name. Real named concealed.

copyright © 2010


3 thoughts on “*The Good Stuff*

  1. Oh!!!!!!!!! mommy u r so right wen u really and truly get z anointing u really leave stress free and i am so much talking 4m experience. Oh z anointing is really awwwwwesome!!!!!!

  2. ur so correct my daughter. It is my life…literally what i live for. I would not be able to live in anyway without the raw anointing of Jesus. Keep seeking for it my dear caz its the true good stuff!

  3. the good stuff! yeah, its good alright. that is why when you dont have it its like life has ended or doesnt exist. man it drives you crazzzzzy when its not there. the only good thing is that you get to search for God even more thatn you used to. honestly i can barely go on without God’s anointing.

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