One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel so all alone? A day when it feels like all your dreams, visions and aspirations are farthest from being realised? A day when everything that could go wrong  just is? A day when you are just wallowing in self-pity?  A day when only the mercy of God is keeping your tongue from just &%$#!   A day that just won’t end?  A day when… ahhhh just one of those days. I have – this week, sunday to be exact.  [hmmm]   Twas quite a day or morning I should clarify.  It’s in those times, you truly get tested on what you are made of.  How will you react under such pressure? Will you lose your temper, cuss, curse, complain, murmur, grumble…what will you do?

Honestly I wanted to do all of the above. I was so mad.  Egg exploding, baby crying, hair not co-operating, breakfast not making, time against me, mobile phone crashed, clothes all wrong…. [ah boy].  I was at my wit’s end [pulling out hair].  At the height of my disgust and frustration the Lord whispered softly to me: “Don’t lose your joy”.  It is real hard to keep my peace in the middle of a storm.  I then realised this was exactly the plot of the enemy – frustrate and anger me therefore cause me to lose my joy. (John 10:10)

I took a deep breath and did something quite unorthodox and unlike me: I shouted the loudest hallelujah I ever uttered in all the time I have lived in the neighbourhood.  I startled both my husband and baby [probably my neighbours as well].  I began to laugh. I actually felt a release in my spirit after I did. I laughed so much because I recognised then and there God unveiled the plan of the enemy to me and my choice in that moment is to combat it or follow it, fight him by opposing him or empower him by siding with him.  I chose to go against him by praising God, not losing my temper or complain.  Then I felt the sweet presence of the Lord sweeping over me and I heard a song bubbling up in my spirit. I didn’t construct it, didn’t put a tune to it – nothing.  It just came up like rivers of  water in my inner being. These were the words:

He has made me g-l-a-d, g-l-a-d, g-l-a-d….He has made me g-l-a-d                Jesus Christ has made me glad.

I sang the song all morning.  The more I sang, is the more it felt like my anger, depression, annoyance and melancholy was disappearing.  It did!  I sang it repeatedly and my pain and discomfort surely went away.  It was truly difficult to not completely snap I tell you but totally worth it because remaining peaceful freed me on the inside and filtered to the outside [even my hair seemed to eventually fall in place – yay].  

See it is the job of the enemy to frustrate you to the point where he can kill you, steal  from you or destroy you.  He does it well so we have to know how to combat his weapons with artillaries of our own.  [Roll out the big guns and shoot up a praise – “glory to Jesus” – pow]  Listen don’t be a circumstantial praiser!  Jesus seeks true worshippers  (John 4:24) and a true worshipper is one who lives a lifestyle of worship and therefore praises God in every situation – good or not so good.   Practice makes perfect, so keep worshipping when things go hay wire in your life.  God lives in an environment of praise [literally] so when you praise in your difficulty you give him permission to intercede on your behalf.  Soon your river of living water will begin to flow when you find yourself having: One of those days.

copyright © 2010


6 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. oh yeah I hear you all so well my dear…I’ve had many of those days but since the beginning of this year I am having victory over such circumstances…I’ve learnt not to let him steal my joy because when he does its depression time….joy truly helps to bring a new perspective to the situation……

  2. yeah for real i av had plenty of those days. i always get bac my joy bcuz i realize that z enemy wants me 2 b frustrated. He always lose bcuz i am always VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!!!

  3. this is like so true. God is just too good. this happened to me maybe a few times before but i really didnt think it was the enemy i just thought it was circumstances that was occurring at that time. but anyway i was so upset that all i could do was start playing and singing some songs and then its like i totally forgot that anything had happened. God is just too aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeesome!!!!!

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