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I read a blog recently about a young girl who came from a good christian home, went to college and got involved with a “player type guy”.  This guy declares that any girl who hooks up with him has to engage in certain explicit sexual activities. It was also confirmed that this particular young lady (as the guy had said) surely granted him those “special favours”.  [What a pity]  It was truly heart-aching to read.  The person who wrote it titled the document “Christian-Girl-Gone-Bad”.   

I honestly believe that if young people (especially christian ones) truly gain an identity of who they are in Jesus, certain things they will abstain from and even if they do fall into them, they will ask forgiveness, turn away and bounce back stronger than they were previously.  I am certain of this because Proverbs 24:16 says: ” A righteous person may fall seven times, but he gets up again…”  [The bible never lies baby].

I have therefore acted on God’s behalf to try to remedy the situation.  After consultation with the infected child (hypothetically), and analyzing the documents presented, Doctor Amo says:

Illness: Christian-Girl-Gone-Bad (CGGB)

Signs: Lack of interest in church activities, irregular to non-church attendance, ill-placed lust, the excuse factors, loss of christian appetite, dusty bibles, cobwebbed godly relationships.

Diagnosis: Boring church services, incomprehension of kingdom life, religious nut-cases, social pressure, hypocrisy, rigid church rules and regulations, lack of identity, media and culture influenza.

Prognosis: Unfulfilled lives, purposelessness, despair, brokenness, sadness, guilt, hurt, sometimes success without happiness, fornication, spiritual adultery.

Prevention Prescription:
Intimacy: Hourly love-making and passion with Jesus.

Healthy Eating: Daily feasting from the buffet table of the Bible.

Anointing: Daily dose of the anointing before, during or at nights.

WARNING: Take anointing ONLY as directed. Overdose might cause heavenly experiences and fun-filled earthly lives.

Pass the word around the next time you see a full blown CGGB or a potential CGGB in the making. 

Thanks for making it Doctor Amo’s Medical Centre.
copyright © 2010

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