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One of my most favourite  television shows is “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” that comes on “Teennick”.  It is about this young boy {Ned} who writes tips on how to survive Middle School.  From handling homework, best friends, maths, money, science, teachers, bullies…you name it.  It’s all in this book he calls a Guide.   It is funny and I really, reaaalllyy like it and watch it almost everyday.   In one of the episodes Ned was giving tips on: “The School Newspaper” when Cookie, one of Ned’s best friends was put in charge of the horoscope section of the newspaper. He began to abuse his influential power by writing everybody’s horoscope similarly, telling them to give him a gift that day.  When he was told that no one would believe that is a true horoscope reading for the day, he made a statement that I found rather interesting. He said “…the people will believe anything you tell them. It’s called the power of the press.”

I began thinking, he is really right.  People do tend to believe most if not everything  the press announces.  The Press sometimes stretches the truth, gossip, lie, deceive us…you name it.  Yet if it comes out in the media everyone latches to it for dear life without weighing and analysing the information given in most cases.  Many times the media completely blows things out of proportion and exaggerates the facts or fiction to the highest degree, yet the average person doesn’t seem to mind at all.  Then a sad fact filtered to my spirit: “people don’t do that when it comes to the word of God – The Bible”. 

It is the most controversial, misunderstood and blamed book in the whole world yet it continues to be a best seller. [hmmm]  This book [the spoken word of God] contains life – literally and yet people chose death. [I just don’t get it]  The information is unstretched, without gossip, hopeful, true, inspiring, motivating,  captivating, promising, character building, and so life transforming .  It beats any psychic reading in predicting events yet it is modern, trendy, relevant, radical and so real. [Maybe that’s the problem]  It has been tested, tried and proven several times over to be infallible but yet people still try to make it fallacy.   Yes due to original dictations and translations it contains a few error [as does any type of media document] but should that detract from the fact that its content is overall true?  NO! not at all.  The issue I feel people have with this great book is understanding it. Everyone can read it but only some will receive its life-giving abilities because it is somehow encoded hence the reason it becomes foolishness to those who think they are wise (1 Cor. 2:14).   See the Bible has to be revealed (not just be read) in order to comprehend its content.  It is a treasure and tell me honestly who would have their most valuable possession and leave it unguarded and open? No One!  Gold, diamonds, pearls and rubies are hidden in the most secretive places not just left lying around.  Hence God does the same with His treasure.  It’s the most thrilling, exhilarating, heart-pumping, mind-blowing, treasure hunt ever and it is hidden and wrapped in Him.  It is too expensive to just be left in the open – It’s hidden but yet within range of anyone who truly wants to find it.  The more we spend time with him is the more he unveils himself to us in his word.  He says: “… ask, and you will receive. Search, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened for you”. Luke 11:9 – GWB

People are constantly trying to hear from God in some magnanimous way when a simpler and easier way is sitting right in front of them – The Bible.  All around us we can see those who are wounded, hurt, struggling with unforgiveness, malice, hatred, deception, past sins, confusion and need help but refuse to take it from the best place available – The Bible.  Let me recommend this great tool to you. It’s an all-round instrument and it never stops working as long as you work it.  It is Kingdom Press for all citizens of heaven and those who want to migrate there as well. It is media that you can rely on for information, inspiration, revelation, education, motivation and transformation. I recommend it because it never fails to work [ever]. 

So let me leave you with something “deep” to ponder.  If you can totally rely on the television as a part of the media for news, views and reviews and be comfortable with it on a daily basis, why not believe the Bible which in essence is all of the media outlets combined?  The source is good and always accurate.  Oh by the way, I just received the latest breaking news headline and it states that: you are loved (John 3:16) and good plans are not only ahead for you (Jer. 29:11) but all you could ever need is already waiting on you to collect (1 Cor 2:9).  Now that is the unadulterated power-truth of the Kingdom Press.

copyright © 2010


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