Where Are You?

My husband and I were coming from an event one cold, late evening in December when I saw something that absolutely broke my heart.  While I was comfortably snuggled in his big strong arms waiting on the cab we called to take us home, I turned to my left and immediately my heart was welled up with compassion.  What I saw was so sad that tears began to fill my eyes.  I looked keenly to make sure I was not being deceived, and saw a little old lady sitting on the embankment trying to pull her torn, decrepted clothes tighter around her to find warmth. [oh my gosh]  This was quite an unusual sight for us. On occasions we have seen a couple [man and woman] hanging around there, but never such an elderly person who looked so completely helpless. My husband knowing me very well began to smile as I looked up at him with teary eyes.  I said “baby, she must be so cold.  Look at her trying to get warm but those clothes will never bring her warmth. There’s no heat in them, they are so old and…”  He interjected, “I know where this is going, so just do it”.

That particular evening, I was wearing my prized sweater I had recently gotten as a gift from a friend and I really, really, loved it. I always wanted one of that kind but they were a bit expensive for my reach at the time but God, allowed my friend to out of no where purchase one [without me ever mentioning it to her] and handed it to me as a gift. I truly loved it.   I released my hands from the embrace of my hubby and went over to her. “Miss, you look so cold.  Can I offer you my sweater?”   She looked up at me without answering. I went up close to her, she was dirty and had lots of old bags and clothes stuffed all around her along with a cold malnurished dog lying next to her. When I bent over her I said “here, let me help you put it on” and began assisting her.  She looked up at me and muffled some words I did not quite understand.  After I was finished I zipped her up and place the hood of the sweater over her head.  She looked up at me again and half smiled and said: “tha-aa-nks, tha-ank you” and held down her head again.  By this time my tears were flowing, I could not hold them back. I scampered back to my husband and he hugged me tightly since I was now feeling the cold breeze of the evening sweeping over my body.  He was just about to take off his jacket to put on me when the cab arrived.  I jumped in and sobbed in my husband’s arms all the way home.  I felt so much compassion for that precious old lady who possibly was homeless. 

That evening, I lost my prized sweater but gained fulfilment and gratification on the inside to know I was able to aid someone who was in need. It caused something to erupt in my heart that shook and shifted my entire being in a way unimaginable.   Years later in one of my most intimate moments with the Holy Spirit, he reminded me of the event and told me: “It was one of my proudest moments of you”.  I thought the teaching of the gospel and moving in the supernatural is what would be considered God’s proudest moments of me, but I have realized that although those are important, it’s truly the simple acts of mercy that quickly gets the attention of the Father.  I had moved the heart of God and that is why it moved my heart so drastically back then.  It was one selfless act that modeled Jesus’ selfless act on the cross and so He was touched and therefore touched me. 

This event stands out in my mind as one of the turning points in my relationship with God because he poured so much love on me that evening that it cemented in my spirit the thought that, “this must be the lifestyle I live so I can please my King”.  Please understand, I don’t do acts of kindness to make him love me, rather because he loves me, I do acts of kindness to please Him.  Jesus loves the widows, orphans, the prisoners, the fatherless, the homeless, the sick and the whole world to be precise. Psalms 68:5 says “God who is in his holy dwelling place is the father of the fatherless and the defender of widows” GWB.   He has given us the resources to be his hands and feet  in the earth, yet we want him to come from heaven , fix the world and do what we should be doing for others. [Not so at all!]  He expects us to clothe the naked, visit the sick and prisoners and represent him faithfully here on earth. (Matt. 25:34-46).  What have you sacrificed lately for someone of no value to you? Evaluate yourself.  On a scale of one to ten, where are you?

copyright © 2010


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