The Real Deal

I love the way God has the ability to just blow our minds.  I was ministering at a church a few months ago, when God did a super awesome thing.  Mind blowing to the person it happened to, but sweet and humbling to me through whom it happened.  While in the midst of  engaging God and the congregation in worship, the Holy Spirit said to me “Call out that young lady and tell her…” and he told me what to say to her.  So I stopped the worship beckoned to the young lady whose head was held down.  She got up and I did as he commanded. She was crying and overall looked quite touched and I was glad that God ministered to her.

After the service, she came up to me and asked to speak with me. So I sat down and she began.

“It’s…it’s (sigh).  You know, when I saw you up there calling out people and telling them what God says, (prophesying) I really wanted to believe that you were real and God knows me too.  So I held down my head and said to God: “Ok God if all of this is true and she is real, then let her call me and give me a word from you like she has been doing to these other young people”.  As soon as I said so, I had not even held up my head, I felt someone touch me and said you had called me.  Then what you told me just…just…just… (she paused as her eyes began to get watery again).  It’s just…nothing like this has ever happened to me before.  I really want to serve God but I just have a lot of things going on right now…”

After she was finished, I encouraged her and she left.  Funny thing was, I did not even know all of that was happening in someone’s head.  I just obeyed God and He did the rest.  God is truly awesome. He gives us gifts (spiritual and physical alike) so we can use them for his glory, show forth his love and bring someone into right relationship with him.  He loves us so much, that he really wants to reveal himself to us.  Whether we are saved or unsaved, churched or unchurched, religious or non-religious, He wants us to get to know Him in a deeper way and he does try all possible means to reach out to us. God’s means of connecting with us comes in three forms as taught by Dr. Creflo Dollar, the first is Conviction, 2nd – Prophetically which includes dreams, visions, any kind of third-party intervention (a prophet, a pastor, a movie, a place or even a child) and 3rd – Hardships (negative events, misfortunes, sickness etc.).  Please note he DOES NOT CAUSE them but he ALLOWS them to happen without his intervention. He does all he is capable of doing {without interfering with your free will} so you can come to know him.

One of my favourite sections from the Kingdom Press (Bible) says “We know that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding so that we know the real God. We are in the one who is real, his Son Jesus Christ. This Jesus Christ is the real God and eternal life”. 1 John 5:20 – GWB   He knows just how to get to us in all the ways that we need him to do so.   This verse was really important to me when God gave it to me because everywhere I looked around me there were fakers and Christians living double standard lifestyles but he told me that He came and walked this earth so I [and you] can know the true God. There are many gods out there but Jesus is the real God.  How well do you know him?  More importantly does He truly know you? Let me tell you something: Gold plated and Gold jewellery are not the same.  They look-alike, sold in like stores, both shine in the night, both worn by people but they are different. One is real while the other is not.  Only time tells the difference. After much wear and tear eventually gold-plated jewelery strips to raw ugliness while gold remains the same because its authentic sort of like Jesus. Tell me, can anyone look at you and say:  “you the real deal?”

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