Sacrifice. I know what it feels like.  I have been on either side of the sacrificial end but no one knows more about it in my family than my husband.  He so reminds me of Jesus. Orlando is the picture of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross concerning selflessness and unselfishness.  Let me share just one of his stories. I remember a few years ago when Motorola Razor mobile phones were just beginning to be the latest craze here in Jamaica.  They were quite expensive but oh how I loved them and wished I could get one.   At the time my husband’s mobile was truly in a bad state and mine was old but worked ok.  His phone fell and just went apart.  He was just thinking about buying one because the old one was truly not representing him well.  Honestly it was so bad he was holding up the battery with a rubber band.

That summer, he entered a competition at his workplace. Everyone wanted to enter because the top prize was a beautiful Black Motorola Razor mobile phone [whew!]  To his surprize he won and that beautiful phone became his [unknown to me].  I was at home that evening and he walked in with a beautifully wrapped gift and my face came alive [women love gifts no matter how small it may be – we just love the surprize].  When I unwrapped the box that evening the entire neighbourhood probably heard my shouts of excitement. [ahhhhh]  To my absolute amazement it was a beautiful Black Motorola Razor Mobile Phone [oh my God].  I could not believe it. I jumped on him [literally] and smothered him with kisses and hugs. [Good thing he has good reflexes or we would’ve both had a terrible fall].  He knew how much I loved the phone and even though my phone was working perfectly and his was not exactly in good condition, he decided to give me the phone.  I was so touched.  He took my old battered phone and now I had the beauty of the Razor.   Funny thing was, after a few weeks of using my old phone, it began to malfunction. [lol]  So he eventually had to buy a new one after all.

I have seen in my life where my hubby has made several sacrifices like the above and even greater.  He is the personification of Ephesians 5:25 “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it”.  He lives this scripture on a daily basis not only in actions but in words.  He is an example of godliness in the home [and out].  My husband always says: “I just want to be like Jesus“.   He is a great worshipper, mentor and friend.  He constantly puts us (me and the baby) before his needs and even before our now 5 months old, he lived a rather giving, selfless life in our marriage [and out of it too].  He has taught me many things (read post “You Don’t Have To Shout” for more examples) and God has used him to show me real manhood.  When God says he will give us the desires of our heart he means it – in every area of our lives.  I have found [as reality in my own life] that when we please God and wait on him, he has the tendency to bless us immensely. He gave me my sweetheart and that is a perfectly great example.  Loving God, loving others, loving yourself and loving life is the way to live. 

Jesus desires that we follow his example of righteous living and that almost always involves some form of sacrifice. It could be anything like: going out of our way to be nice to someone who was rude to us, giving our favourite thing to someone in need, helping a friend at our expense, sowing a large financial seed etc.  It doesn’t matter how difficult it is, Jesus expects us to do it.  That is what separates us from the world.  They tear people down to get to the top while kingdom citizens love and push people up in order to get to the top ourselves.  Elevate to get Elevation!  What about you?  Where are you on the sacrificial scale with others?  When was the last time someone said to you because of something you did for them “gosh, that was quite a sacrifice”.

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6 thoughts on “*Sacrifice*

  1. wow it really makes me wanna truly wait on God for that special man….and not many of us like to make sacrifice because we live in a selfish world…but I truly hope that I can seek to make a sacrifice for someone / God this week!

    1. Trust me. its the best thing to do because He does know best and has the right person all prepared and ready. Those who wait will truly reap the rewards. thanks for popping in dear.

  2. Excellent post my friend! I am preparing to be in that place of sacrifice for my soon to be wife! And I just wrote a post talking about how the worlds ambition is be selfish to get up while ours is the complete opposite!

    1. I know, i read that post. its good. Believe me selflessness and unselfishness will cause Jesus’ glory to shine on you and He will bless u and ur marriage ’til death do you part.

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