*Enjoy It*

Yesterday, we brought my mom and aunt to their annual 1 week vacation. Auntie looks forward to this because Canada is so cold, she anticipates very much just coming to relax in the warm island sun and chill with its  people.  This year they decided to return to the all – inclusive RIU Ocho Rios, here in the tropical Caribbean paradise called Jamaica.  The hotel is truly something with beautiful white sandy beach, various restaurants with which to choose your favourite foods, pools, spa, you name it.  [It is gorgeously grande].  As we passed through security to drop them off,  we decided that while they register, we would just browse and envy what they will be enjoying for the next 7 nights and eight days.  

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Posing off at the RIU Ocho Rios – Jamaica

 The facility is simply breathtaking.  There is 24 hour food available at no extra cost because it was all paid for in the booking, 24 hour swimming, 24 hour drink/juice available, jacuzzi, room service, water sports, pool games, nightly entertainment…everything you can think of to make your vacation worth the price, is there all at your disposal. [awesome].  The heart aching thing was, although all of this was right in my reach I had no wristband therefore no legal access to it because, I did not pay for anything. Mommy and Auntie with their wristbands, could go in and have anything their little hearts desired [and they did] but we could not.  Although they were famished, they were kind enough however to share with us a little taste, that just wet our appetites and cranked up our jealousy a bit. [mmmm, shaking head].  They had it all because it was paid for and all they had to do now was to enjoy it. 

Then it got me thinking.  This is exactly what is happening here on the earth.  Jesus went to the cross and died a brutal death to pay for everything our hearts could ever desire but many persons are living lives of  empty nothingness and they refuse to just go in and enjoy it.  The reservation is already done through the blood of Jesus yet we fail to simply go in pass security, register, get our spiritual wristbands {citizenship/anointing /power} and enjoy the kingdom life.  After much deliberation I have figured out the problem.  Its two things: Many people are unable to go in because they have no reservation {Salvation}, therefore no legal right and so heaven’s security has no record of them at all.  At the main gate when they asked us our reason for entering the property, we had to tell them: “We are dropping off guests”. “What is the name of the guest?” they asked, “The reservation is under Pamela Person”** we answered.  Then they checked, found it, signed us off and wished us a pleasant stay.  There were no problems entering the premises because there was legal right due to the reservation.  What about you? Would heaven’s security have a reservation for you if they were to check right now?  Are you a citizen of the kingdom of God?  “That is why you are no longer foreigners and outsiders but citizens together with God’s people and members of God’s family.” Ephesians 2:19 – GWB 

Then the other issue is: Our own limitation. {Complacency} You see even though we went on the property with them, we still had no legal access to the luxuries of the hotel like they had. We got a little taste of the food and drink but really that’s about it.  We had limits because we were not guests.  It is a similar representation of those of us who are citizens of the kingdom but are not living the kingdom lifestyle. We have a shifty, flaky, shaky, quakey relationship with Jesus.  We do “Taste and see that the LORD is good…” Psalms 34:8 – KJV but that’s all we do and have ever done.  We sit relax and comfortable living apathetic, complacent, mediocre Kingdom lives therefore we become limited to all that is available to us in Jesus even though it is right in our reach, totally accessible, and fully paid for by Jesus himself.  [Que lastima – what a pity].   Tell me honestly, if you could have the choice [and by the way, you do] wouldn’t you rather know that you are capitalizing on ALL that’s available to you through Jesus despite the cost?  C’mon now gird up yourself and make the choice that no matter what it takes, today will be the day you start to live the kingdom life as you ought to be.  Make a conscious decision right now that: As of this moment no matter what it takes, I am simply going to just Enjoy it!  

*Pamela Person is a fake name.  

copyright ©  2010


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