What About You?

Have you ever been so in love that it makes you breathless?

Makes your heart race with excitement?

Makes your head spin?

And your blood boils under your skin?


Have you ever been in a place of absoluteness?

A place of complete non-resistance?

Where time fades in oblivion?

Gravity ceases to exist?

And you know you simply can’t resist?


Have you ever felt like life is truly worth living?

Like your life is purposeful,



And blissful?


Have you ever experienced such passion that it makes you vulnerable?

Makes you weak?

That you can’t even speak?

Such passion makes you drunk?



Completely powerless?


I Have.

It’s called Relationship.

I’m in it with Jesus.

What about you?


written by yours truly

Copyright © 2010


2 thoughts on “What About You?

  1. I REALLY REALLY like this… a WHOLE lot:)
    In fact, I really like your whole blog.
    I think you are awesome!

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