A few years ago I was coming from work late one evening, when the Lord brought my attention to a lady standing in a store.  I knew based on what I was feeling in my heart that He had a word for her much to my dismay because she did not look like the type of person I would normally associate.  [Selfish I know; back then I did not].   I began to fight with the Holy Spirit even before He told me what He wanted to say to her.    Then He said it: “Go to her and tell her I love her”.  [oh no]  I truly did not want to do that at all.   She looked like a prostitute.  Wait…she was one. [oh no]  All I kept thinking was “suppose she slams me?  suppose she embarrasses me in front of all these people, I would just die”.

I began to fight and fight and fight. [Good Lord].  It seemed easy enough.  All I had to do was walk up to her and tell her “Mam, Jesus loves you” but I was so wrapped in fear and selfish self-centeredness that I was being disobedient.  After minutes of mind war and pacing the street in all that busyness, I finally gained some courage to get me off my mind and I went.  In my head I strategized  it well: “hurriedly walk up to her, say it and bolt like lightning” so if she decided to cuss me out I could miss it. [whew]  That I did.  I went up to her, tapped her on the shoulder in the midst of all the crowd and just above a whisper I said “miss, Jesus loves you” and I took off like Usain Bolt in a 100 meter dash.  I thought my disappearance in the midst of the crowd was a safe cover but within a few minutes, I felt a tap on my shoulder – it was her. [oh God] She looked mad like she was ready to lay it on me – THICK.  I braced myself.

She said “Jesus loves me? Jesus loves me? If  Jesus loves me, why so many bad things happen to me in my life? eh? what did I do to deserve all of it? why did my uncle rape me? and other people abuse me? eh? tell me?  What kind of God causes that to happen, if he truly loves me?  I was so overwhelmed, I could barely speak. In that moment Matthew 10:19-20 was manifested because God spoke to my spirit and through me and until today I have no idea what I replied. My mouth moved and words came forth.  The only thing I know is that after I said whatever I said, she began to cry.  The love of God just permeated her being.  She encountered Jesus and that was all it took. It was beautiful to watch.  We exchanged numbers and departed.

Days after when she decided to come church with me, I was supposed to meet her at a particular spot and believe me, I passed her without recognizing it was her.  Her wig was gone, her clothes were decent and modest enough, her make-up was mild, and even the way she stood was so lady-like in comparison to the first time I saw her – it was amazing.  The transformation was so dramatic I was speechless.  The power of God’s love is so transcending it continues to marvel and baffle me.

This is one of my most precious moments of  witnessing the love of God in a desperate situation.  Jesus wants us to do great exploits for the kingdom that will showcase his love, power and glory. People just need an encounter.  Will you provide one for them? Better yet…will you involve yourself in one today?

“… but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits”. Daniel 11:32 – KJV


What do you think?

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