A few years ago a song was released that became a hit on the airways.  I used to hear it a lot and kind of thought it was a catchy tune.  I really did not listen to the words at all except I know I heard “Rehab” and “no, no no”.  It was not until one day my husband was watching a youth programme and the guest speaker made mention of the song and said he did not endorse it because of the effects the lyrics has in the lives of our young people today.  He asked me about it and I then decided to listen and found out the man is completely correct.  The song tells a sad, unfortunate tale of the world we are living in today.

I am not one to pick on the unchurched society  but I want to just make mention of  some of the lyrics of this particular song, simply to show the co-relation to today’s world, the church and us as a people. The song “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse, begins this way: “They tried to make me go to rehab but I said ‘no, no, no’, Yes I’ve been black but when I come back you’ll know know know, I ain’t got the time and if my daddy thinks I’m fine, He’s tried to make me go to rehab but I won’t go go go”.

The entire song implies that her father [and maybe others] realizes thats she has a drinking addiction – and so they are trying to enroll her into some rehabilitation institution but she refuses to go. When I look on the hurting world today I realize that is one of the problems in society.  People refuse to get help where the help is provided for them.  People have been hurt, aching to their very being but they refuse to run to the Father to let him bandage their wounds with love and compassion.  Amy states she does not have the time’ and I wonder, “where have I heard that before?” The answer: “Everywhere”.  People are so busy making a career, starting buisnesses, providing for families, climbing the social ladder and basically trying to keep themselves afloat in the world, that they really have no time for God.  They are simply “busy”.  Many times this business is not purposeful, meaningful or fulfilling and they are so unhappy in it, but they immerse themselves, because they just ‘have to do what they have to do’ and this causes them to have no time at all for things that are essential like the eternal destiny of their souls.

There are many portions of the song I could mention but I will not.  The purpose of  using this song is not to berate, criticize it or anything like that. Its just for analysis purposes. I will just tell of further on where Amy goes on to say: “I don’t ever wanna drink again, I just ooh I just need a friend, I’m not gonna spend ten weeks have everyone think I’m on the mend, It’s not just my pride, It’s just ’til these tears have dried…” I think this stanza is also a fitting description of the world today.  Many people who are living in their mess without Christ, really do not want to be in it.  They honestly just need someone to be a true friend to them who will not judge and condemn them but help them through and that is completely who Jesus is and wants to be to them but because they refuse to come to the Spiritual Rehabilitation Center [ S.R.C – church], they are unable to see that.  Like Amy who does not want to ‘spend time and have everyone thinks she is fine’, many refuse to come also because they do not want people to think they have gotten ‘religious’ or something like that.  This is where they falter big time because being with Jesus is not about a religion but rather a relationship.  If they come to discover who He is, they will realize that unlike Christianity that many people wear as a badge, bumper sticker, label, necklace or t-shirt; living for Jesus is a lifestyle. Amy says its not only about her pride but until her tears have dried’ and this also depicts those in need of Jesus.  Some are filled with so much pride they would never ask for help and He is the One who promises to wipe all tears from our eyes: “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes…” Revelation 21:4 – KJV. Why should we have it any other way?

The Rehab Center of the world – the church, should be the place of restoration, healing, love and safety.  Mind you many of them end up hurting the hurt instead of providing healing to them but the ratio of those who are helped still out weighs those who are not.  I have a sore spot when talking about church because church is not God.  It is the place we learn about God, fellowship with others who are in God and invite others to come know our God.  It really should be the Rehabilitation Center of the Unchurched Society.  Needless to say, many of them are dysfunctional and corrupt but so is many of the government officials and even our homes but they still are needed and we still are a part of all these are we not?

If today you realize that you have a ruthless, life-draining, spirit-taking, soul-dying addiction [of any kind] or you just need a friend to help you through your hurt and pain or life in general, may I recommend the nearest Spiritual Rehabilitation Center {S.R.C}.  Truth is, it may not be all you want and expect but honestly,  they can provide an avenue to get you to the One who is all you want, need and expect.  Not only that but, He is able to heal your spirit, soul and body.  I hope today when you consider it you will not think “no, no, no”. When people begin to say you have found religion or whatnot, correct them instantly and tell them “not so at all. Jesus found me, down at the S.R.C.

copyright © 2010


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