It’s All Good!

I can’t forget a few years ago, how I maliced God because I got frustrated over the fact that he was not answering a prayer I was praying for so long. He seemed to bypass that one prayer and was answering all the others that for me, were no where near as important as I one I truly needed answering.  [Oh how I was upset]. I did not go to church for one whole week which for me back then was almost a crime.  I felt awfully guilty by the time Friday came so I went to Youth Fellowship but hardly participated in any of the activities or the worship.  I just did not know what else to do to ‘get’ God to respond to that prayer. Have you ever had that happen to you? [frustrating I tell you]

When I was younger one of those prayers that I wanted God to answer [which may seem trivial to you] was to give me hairy skin like my mom.  My mom has one of the prettiest skins ever.  Cool, dark, chocolaty skin with baby-like pretty hairs all over her feet for which she would be complemented ALL THE TIME.  I wanted that sooo much.  Everywhere we went together, people would always be telling her how beautiful her feet were and whatnot.  As a youngster, I felt that if I had that, people would also be drop-dead-dying over me too, so I prayed incessantly about it – it never came through [much to my dismay at the time].  Especially in my teen years when my low self-esteem heightened, I prayed earnestly, that God would just grant me the favour of hairy skin and allow that to help me to feel good about myself.  It never happened.

After I met my husband, and we began dating, I realized something that gave me a new perspective on the prayers God chooses to answer.  The first time I saw Him in short sleeves, I was utterly surprised.  My husband, I found out, was extremely hairy. [oh my gosh] I then began to analyse what would have happened if God had decided to answer my prayer.  The limited [but yet just enough for perfection] of body hairs I have, proved to be a complete blessing in disguise.  I began to recognize, that God knew exactly what He was doing when, He decided to bypass my prayer for a hairy body for the sake of my future which I knew nothing about when I was praying all those years ago.

My son who is just 5 1/2 months, is already showing signs of future hairiness and it makes me real overjoyed to know that Jesus, who knows the end from the beginning, loves me so much that he, spared my child from possibly looking like a hedgehog by not answering my prayer over twenty years ago.  Please understand, I am not saying there is anything wrong with a couple who just happens to be born that way. If God made both persons a particular way and then bring them together, He will sustain them and their offspring and together they will exist just right.  I am talking about a case like mine, where I wanted what God did not provide simply to feel good about myself.

God knows us and everything about us.  He created us in His image and does all for our betterment.  Let me tell you friend, there is not one thing about you that is not strategic to his purpose and plans for you. He knows your future from the beginning of the world. The Bible says in Isaiah 46:9-10:

“Remember … I am God, and there is no other. I am God, and there’s no one like me, From the beginning I revealed the end…”  GWB

He knows and does all things well. He wants you today to appreciate those prayers he never answered because He was working things out behind the scenes on your behalf and it is possible that, that prayer would totally ruin His good plans for your life and maybe the lives of others.  So be grateful when God chooses to  delay or deny certain prayers.  In His infinite wisdom He knows best.  He loves us and has only good things prepared for us.  Trust Him today so you can get comfortable when He does what pleases Him in your life. Get to that place when you can relax and say “It’s all good”.

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9 NLT

copyright © 2010


2 thoughts on “It’s All Good!

  1. There’s so much truth and power in these words, God sees and understands things that we can’t even wrap our minds around. When we grow to know Him we will then trust His wisdom

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