He Still Has Time.

Well, its good to be back.  CAMP WAS AWESOME!!!!!!  Thanks for your prayers.

I will tell you guys about camp in upcoming posts. 

I was reflecting on something that is weighing heavily on my heart.  Many people make serving God such a painstaking drag. No wonder so many unchurched persons refuse our Jesus because of  how unappealing we make Him and Kingdom living to be.  Some of us Christians make it seem after a while like we have been serving God for eternity and is now ready for retirement.  [imagine that]

However, consider this. If the word of God says that “…One day with the Lord is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day {2 Peter 3:8 – GWB} Then, in reality no one  has actually lived a full day with God since man was created.  The one man who went closest to this was Methuselah who lived nine hundred and sixty nine years {Genesis 5:2 – KJV}.  So why then after 10, 20 or even 60 years we behave as if God owes us something for our looonnnngggg years of service, when to Him we have not even completed a full day in his eyes? [think about it]

Albeit, on the flip side, if you have been waiting patiently on God to answer a prayer thats on your heart, don’t give up hope.  Remember that although, it seems like forever to you, He is still watching his heavenly clock as it ticks to the exact hour, exact minute and exact second to answer you.  Keep heart. It’s not yet night. The sun has not gone down in his eyes so don’t give up.  It’s still daylight and trust me. He still has time…literally.

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