*It’s Not Over*

As I told y’all, camp was a blast. It was life-changing which was the prayer I prayed in all sincerity. I noticed something quite interesting about the houses that gave me some revelation that I had to tell you guys.  We had three houses at camp: Nelson, Fullwood and Romans. The names represent our Pastor and two of the deacons in the church. By the final sporting day of the camp – the Saturday, Romans seemed to be losing everything and all its members appeared to have given up.  My husband, because he had to work was unable to be at the camp full time but came after work each night. When he came in on Saturday, and saw that all the Romans members had literally thrown in the towel, he decided to join that group and help them along.

My husband is a natural “vibes man” [well, when he wants to be] and a great motivator.  Therefore as soon as he joined he began his inspiring speech and life seemed to somehow return to the group.  Despite the fact that the group was in last place [a faaarrr last place] by the end of the outdoor sports, they were neck and neck for the second spot.  When all the indoor games were finished and the scores tallied, Romans was in second place and shooting close to the first.  It was amazing, the transformation that took place among the members after they were motivated into re-possessing hopes of wining.

This tells me something that no matter how bad a situation gets, if we hold onto hope, it gives us the extra strength we need to push on, even if we thought we had lost it.  When the camp came to an end on Sunday, and the winning group was announced, it created a huge hurray.  Nelson won over Romans by only three points. Though Romans did not win everyone was absolutely amazed, the margin by which they lost in comparison to how far behind they were in the previous days.  If there was one more event, for certain they would win [without the shadow of a doubt]. Then I noticed that instead of being upset at their lost, the Romans group and others were actually happy at the outcome and everyone [or most of the campers] shared in eating the cake of the winning house.

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The point of this story, I must emphasize is not about winning or losing.  It is about hope. I have seen that many times, life can throw its own games at us and we feel like we are losing in everything we do.  We look around and all our friends are winning [sometimes our enemies too].  They have all the bling, all the cash, all the opportunities, all the fame, all the clothes, all the friends, all the cars, all the VIP access, all the best things in life and we have little or nothing. We might be trying our very best and even more than our best in our eyes and yet we just can’t seem to get a break – to win.  It can cause us great discouragement. We most times want to give up – just throw in the towel…but DON’T! I can guarantee that God is looking at you and saying: “you know, my son/daughter needs help and some inspiration so I will join him/her and cheer him/her on”. So he calls all of heaven together and the cheer leading begins. Just like my husband He starts with motivation:

“You can do it because greater is he that is in you {thats Me}, than he that is in the world {the enemy}. I am with you alway{s}.  I will never leave you alone. I have started a good work in you and I will be faithful to complete it. Due to the fact that nothing is impossible for me, with me by your side, you can do anything. So take courage, be not afraid of anything or anyone for I love you and have given you power and you will overcome and be victorious against all odds. {Phil. 4:13, Matt. 28:20, 1 John 4:4, Phil. 1:6, Luke 18:27, Phil 4:19, Jer. 1:8, Luke 10:19, Jer. 31:3, 1 John 2:13}.

Now that He has encouraged you, just believe him and take courage.  Let hope begin to rise in you once again because unlike the camp that needed one more event for Romans to win, there will always be one more circumstance in life where, with Jesus, you can win. All of heaven is cheering for you.  Can you see angelic cheer leaders with their spiritual pom poms saying: “Go, go, go, gooo…you can make it and you will.  We are all here for you and your Father, the All-Time Champion is on your side”.

My friend, don’t surrender just yet.  Let the white flag stay in its place.  Take out your red flag signifying the blood of Jesus.  Do not be discouraged. Its not over until He says it is over and what did he say? “…be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 NLT.

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3 thoughts on “*It’s Not Over*

  1. Yep…this is definitely my devotion…♫there will be no white flag above my head♫…thanks alot…i pray that God will continue to inspire u and bless u abundantly…ahev a gr8 day!!!

  2. Yep…this is definitely my devotion…♫there will be no white flag above my head♫…thanks alot…i pray that God will continue to inspire u and bless u abundantly…have a gr8 day!!!

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