**Fakers or Haters**

Have you ever had a victory that completely revolutionizes you, leaves you in such wonder and yet you cannot find anyone who is as happy for you as you think they would be?   This happened to me a few years ago.  It was the first time I experienced what it means to be slain in the Holy Spirit. I visited a church in another city that the Lord had told me to go.  It was my first time there and I did not know anyone. As a matter of fact, I knew so little about the church that when I arrived they were actually closing the service.  The altar ministers were ministering to some persons and some of the members were going through the door.  I was completely bummed to say the least.

Nevertheless, I decided to go and talk to someone, anyone.  So I saw a lady who looked somehow like she was one of the leaders so I went over to her and began to share my heart with her.  She listened patiently and then told me she felt like she was to pray for me and asked if I was ok with that.  I had no objections.  So we proceeded to the altar and she told me to raise my hands.  I did.  She began to pray.  Her hand was just above my forehead.  As a matter of fact her touch was so light, I could barely feel it.  Her prayer was a simple one but yet somehow deep.  She then began to prophesy things over my life.  Many of the things she spoke of, God had told me years ago but I had began to doubt them because, nothing was going according to what the Lord had been telling me and showing me. [Do you know what that feels like?  Its AWFUL :-(]

I had often seen people “fall to the ground”  on Benny Hinn’s programs, on TBN and so on but personally I never cared much for it probably because I had never experienced it.  I just thought also, because of the many horror stories I had heard, that most times it was all fake.   So anyway, by this time I was crying my heart out because it was like she was talking in verbatim all the things God had been telling me  for so long that I had disbelieved.  In the midst of this she paused and said “Ok here it comes now”. I said to myself:  “Here what comes?  I don’t feel anything…what is she talking about?” Suddenly I felt like a warm wind began to blow on me.  It was gentle yet powerful because when it hit me my legs gave way and I found myself falling backwards.  [What? what? what is happening?] I could not control or support myself.  I was going down for the count. [ 1, 2, 3… you’re out…oh no] I began to think, “people must be watching me fall and I am going to hit my head and I am going to hurt myself and…and…and…” For about 5 seconds which seemed like it was happening in slow motion all of that thought just disappeared and it felt like I was  swept off my feet by Superman.  Then I felt a cushioning hand behind me and someone [don’t know who] caught me and laid me gently to the ground. [oh wow] It was amazing.  It was like I was floating in the clouds.  I wanted it to happen again. [Take two plz? plz?]

It was sensational 🙂     She did not push me, shout at me or shove me. She did not even wave her hands or blow on me.  She just prayed almost above a whisper and God moved.  It was super. I felt like I was submerged in a sea of comfort and love. [totally pure and rich – noice, noice, noice]. When I finally gathered enough strength I picked myself up and sat on a chair.  What happened was so awesome, I wonder if everybody that experienced it felt as I did and then, I felt sorry for all who have never had the experience.  I fell so in love with God all over again, nothing got my attention but him.  The world around me could have been falling apart, an earthquake could have hit, the vehicle could have been on fire, my mom could have been raving mad with me… nothing bothered me – I felt light and free as a bird.

The entire week at work, it is all I ever wanted to talk about.  My co-workers even began to work harder at avoiding me because they were so tired of me talking about God above my usual ramblings about him. The worst thing however, was that my Christian friends were not happy for me at all.  Some of them looked me in the face and told me it was fake even though I was standing before them with evidence that it was real.  A few looked quite jealous and later I was told I was fanatic. Some of them implied that I was hypnotized and stuff like that – I could not believe it.  I was crushed.  How could they not be joyful at my encounter with the Holy Spirit?  How?  I felt alone and even a little rejected.  I was hushed and silenced.  It was from that time the Lord began to awake my spirit to this verse: “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you”. {Matthew 7:6 – KJV}.

What it simply means is that not everyone will be happy for you at your achievements [of whatever kind], so choose carefully who you share your victories with or else you may be sorry.  Some people are haters and will trample all over it and hurt you instead of be happy for you.  So, never mind if you realize that those who should be with you in your victories are not.  God sometimes has to open our eyes to those who are truly our enemies in friends clothing.  One thing you can be sure of, what you have achieved is yours and no matter how jealous, envious or pretentious people are about your success, they can never take it away from you.  Just remember: “if God is for you, who dare be against you?”  {Romans 8:31}.

copyright © 2010


4 thoughts on “**Fakers or Haters**

  1. If you only knew how much this is a blessing to me. As you say “noice, noice”. I was lead to read this at a VERY specific time. I had just read that passage from Matt 7 and asked the Spirit to teach it to me. My fiancé told me and there it is again.

    Some people really cannot know.

    1. “Falling Down” is awesome my friend. It is one of God’s precious blessings to our flesh and spirit. Once u experience it the real “it”…its like being submerged in a sea of love. Jesus is so awesome….noice, noice, noice.

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