*It Stinks*

I went to visit one of my acquaintances once and discovered something quite interesting.  On my way there, I was extremely excited because it was my first time in that city and all the sights and sounds just fascinated me. I passed many different kind of businesses, buildings, and discovered many types of  places of interests.  It was great.  As I approached one of the crucial turning points to get to my destination, I realized I was heading up a bridge.  Up we went and over.  It was all so beautiful to me.  As I entered the other side of the bridge however, something hit me so hard I almost fainted.

After I was enjoying my journey to the fullest, we came upon a scent that nearly made me gag.  On either sides of the street was a morass and it carried such a foul scent it was unbelievable.  Yet it seemed like everyone in the car hardly even noticed a thing.  While I was trying my utmost to be cool, collected and not make a scene, I was flabbergasted to the fact that no one even moved a muscle.  No one put a hand to their nose, reach for a handkerchief, a pocket freshener or anything.  [Oh my goodness, What?] After what seemed like the longest 2 minutes ever, it finally came to an end and I barely made it without vomiting.  The stench was so foul I was completely nauseated and yet everyone looked like they were sitting in a bed of potpourri. [How?]

I was so amazed, that my curiosity got the better of me so I had to ask: “you guys, didn’t you smell that? How is it y’all just past the scent without even changing your expression?”

“Oh…the morass? yeah it smells, but we pass it so many times that we have gotten use to the scent. We ignore it so much that it hardly bothers us anymore”.

I smiled because it reminded me of something.  Many times we as people are so used to one way [of anything] that even though it might be negative, bad, outdated, monotonous, incorrect or foolish, it just doesn’t bother us anymore. Thats often seen in our bad habits.  Most times we get to the place of  “its just how I am”, that the stench of our ways, thoughts and actions no longer bothers us.  It usually takes someone from the outside to remind us that things stink.  You see, my friends had been passing the area for so long, so often that it did not affect them anymore. I on the other hand, who came from out-of-town,  nearly fainted at the two minutes of torture to my nostrils.  So I realized one thing  that was quite noteworthy.  Many times we need to go outside of ourselves to do a check on ourselves. We can be truly bias because we have been with ourselves for so long [since our birth because we cannot get away from ourselves] that we often forget the things about us that do need changing or at least some form of modification for our betterment.

I want to go a little further to say the morass represents sin/weaknesses/wrong attitude and behaviour.  That is the reason we need the Word.  The Word  of  God acts like a mirror that shows us ourselves or in this case, like an out-of-town friend, who will be objective without being judgmental enough to say: “truly something needs to be done about this”. That friend will say: Don’t ignore it. Don’t justify it. Don’t act as if there is nothing wrong with it.  Don’t get comfortable with this thing because you have been doing/saying/thinking it for so long.  Its stinks. It goes against the principles of Jesus. You might not be smelling it anymore because you have gotten used to it but it still stinks.  You can drive the right people away, while attracting the wrong ones – who will ultimately destroy you with this because it stinks. Do something for heaven’s sake because: It Stinks!

Will you today take an objective look at your life?  What kind of morass do you have airing?  Is God trying to get your attention by driving over that bridge of decision with you?  Let me leave you some deep advice:  Ask someone (who is non-judgmental, truthful and objective) to help you examine your life.  They might discover your  morass that you have been blind to or unwilling to even acknowledge. Then take  it to God.  He is ready and willing to help you with your weakness so you can be clean, pure and whole.  Even though it may be difficult to face the truth still do it.  If anything then, why don’t you begin with Jesus.  Ask him today “Lord will You please tell me what stinks about me?”.

So those of us who have a strong {faith} must be patient with the weaknesses of those whose {faith}is not so strong. We must not think only of ourselves”. Romans 15:1 – GWB

“Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities…with groanings which cannot be uttered”. Romans 8:26 – KJV

copyright © 2010


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