*Its Time For An Upgrade*

Yesterday I went on a trip with the young people of my church.  We went to Mayfield Falls which is in one of the rural areas of this beautiful island paradise called Jamaica.  It is tucked away in the country hills in comparison to Dunns River Falls that is in one of the tourist thoroughfare areas of the island called Ocho Rios.  It was my second visit there.  I went a few years ago when the place was under construction so returning there I was eager to see all the improvements that was made since then.

The falls are really beautiful unveiling themselves behind lush mountains and so forceful they have gotten names like the: Whirlpool, the Washing Machine and so on.  The water is real cool, running deep, free, wild and powerful.  Truly one of God’s awesome untamed creations. The natural serenity of the place is simply gorgeous especially to our foreign visitors.  I think us as Jamaicans, truly do not appreciate our natural God-breathed beauties as much as we should because we get so accustomed to the many we have tucked away in the different parts of the island.  Due to this we sometimes miss the joy and pleasure of just being able to bask in the glory of such grande magnificence.

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Upon my arrival, I was some what disappointed  because I was expecting much more improvement based on what I saw when I first visited. Remembering that they were under construction, I thought that this time there would be remarkable upgrades. There was not much.  One thing for certain, they surely have much better marketing and tourist intake but for us Jamaicans most of the attractions on the tour are daily environmental luxuries so it did not mean all that much to us as it did to the overseas visitors.     Being familiar with one of the supervisors, I called him and asked: “So whats up with this place man?   When I came here a few years ago y’all had most of the same things in the same way and y’all were under construction. So what happened? What is happening?  I thought things would be much different from what I am seeing. He responded: “Well, it will be. More things are to be done. We have great intentions and plans but they just have not been put in place as yet.  They will be implemented soon”. Then I smiled and went with the others to wait for our tour guide.

I thought about this for a bit and it made me quite sad.  Why? Well, because it reminds me of some of us as Christians who live off yesterday’s blessings and anointing.  Some Christians had a great start with God but have not been any further since that time. They got deluged by the Holy Ghost and have been living off that old anointing since then and they think that it is enough to sustain them because they have had so much out of it.   Like Mayfields, that old anointing has yielded so much that now they have proper marketing but no upgrade.  Many people keep complimenting them because of what they see happening but in their hearts they know they are stale and and full of old wine.  They may have intentions to go deeper and higher in God but thats all. The many excuses that exist prevent any kind of actual sacrifice for God.  Sacrifice leads to Saturation and that is what God wants to do to us – Saturate us. Their many plans might even be good but Plans without Process equal Procrastination. That is one of the greatest weapons the enemy is using to destroy us as Christians today.

God expects us to always be moving higher in him – glory to glory the scripture calls it.  He does not want us to live off what he has done but only use it as a stepping stone to get into what he is doing. That is the reason he only puts new wine in new wine bottles.  He wants us to make living sacrifices for him so he can reveal his power and love to us and then launch us into new realms of glory.  Tell me? Are you living off yesterday’s manna? God’s mercies, love, glory, power and blessings are new every morning.  Have you have yours today?  If no then – Its time for an upgrade.

2 Corinthians 3:18 – KJV
But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

copyright © 2010

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