*Tell Me Again*

Last night R.M. {Restoration Ministry} went out to minister.  I was asked to speak at a Youth Conference in another part of the Island.   We knew of the church’s situation that it was under construction and so because we were made aware of this, we knew (to some degree) what to expect.  We were however not fully prepared for what we would actually walk into. It was, hmmm…. interesting.  Quite an adventure!

It had rained, and so the area was even more complicated to navigate because we were unfamiliar with the terrain.  Nevertheless, we proceeded, making several calls with our liaison ensuring that we were actually on the right track.  The road was terrible even for the four wheeler that I was travelling in and the others barely made it over the hill and rocks. As we approached the area I made another call and I could hear singing in the background but for the life of us, we could not see anyone.  Our liaison kept saying, “Do you see the lights? Just come to the light man…I see you guys…just follow the light” but we saw many lights and could not figure out which of the lights he was referring. [It was quite funny to us]

When it seemed we were getting nowhere, we stopped to ask directions and we realized that we were indeed right at the intersection to head towards the light, but because of the many other lights, we were completely distracted.   I called again and he said “oh I see you man…you are right where you ought to be.  I am coming down the hill so you can see me”. So within seconds we saw him and we proceeded up the hill and found the gathering in another section of the unfinished building.  It was quite a journey but well worth it.  The Lord ministered faithfully to his people and we thanked God for all he did and the lives he impacted.

Posing for a quick photo after the service...as we prepare to head down the hill.

When I remember last night it makes me think.  So many times in our journey of  life, God gives us clear instructions on what to do, but the enemy tries to get us off track by showing us similarities to God’s commands [which by the way are always fake and trickery] because he wants to cause delay to our progress.  Yes, we were told to “follow the light” but because of the many other lights around and the building not completely visible, we were completely thrown off track.  We had to stop and ask for directions and this says to me that whenever we feel like we are not in tune with where we are heading in God, we need to stop and ask “God can you tell me once again what to do and where to go?” You will find many times that because you had been following him clearly, the moment you think you are lost, you are actually right where God wants you to be.

Like my liaison, he will say “Don’t worry, I see you and I am coming to get you”. God’s plans for us are always perfect and many times when you get to where you are suppose to be, God will hide the promise you are heading towards, just so he can come for you and present it to you himself.  Yes, God does like when we search and find him.  However, there are some gifts that He wants to personally deliver to us so he hides them, allows us to stop and re-check with him so he can say “don’t worry, you are right where you ought to be and this is what I have waiting for you even though you could not see”.

I want encourage you today my friend.  If at this moment, you know you had been following him clearly and confidently but suddenly you feel like you are getting nowhere with your life and relationship in him, take a moment and ask “God, can you tell me again what to do and where to go?”. He will direct you and you will see, that you truly are just where he wants you to be.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way”. (Psalms 37:23 – KJV)

copyright © 2010

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