*Pick Your Side*

I was just watching the final segment of the movie “Facing the Giants”. [Great movie]. Against obvious, daunting odds, the underdogs came out victorious as they learnt to lift their faith, believed in God, faced their giants and carried their coach’s motto: “with God all things are possible”.

Funny thing occurred in my heart and head as I watched the credits ascend on the television screen.  I began to realize that life is certainly like a game.   We all have our giants to face.  It may differ from person to person but we all have hurdles, mountains, Goliaths and hills to conquer.  For some its work, school, parents, a relationship on the rocks, fears, enemies, demons, exams, church, faux-friends, even our own selves. We must all decide to Face our Giants no matter how huge they appear.   You see the only way to defeat a giant is to face it even with rattling knees, wavering thoughts, tears in our eyes and trepidation in our hearts.  We can be assured that if we are in Christ we will win.  So we have nothing to worry about because: “…The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. (Luke 18:27 – KJV)

It then hit me like a bolt of lightning that if life is like a game, then someone has to loose if someone is to win.  In all games there is a winning side and a loosing one.  A winner and a looser.  Some loose and some win. It is really not rocket science! It’s simple mechanics!  If this is so, then which side are you on? Have you picked your side yet?


What do you think?

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