More Than Talk

I happened to be watching a mini drama recently that really spoke to my heart.   It started with two young ladies sitting in a coffee shop having some snacks and of course coffee.  Lets call them Pamela and Stacy. Pamela looked quite distraught and disturbed as the camera brings her in focus.  She appeared to be going through some form of difficulty that is causing her to be confused and traumatized. As the drama continued it was revealed that she was experiencing some grave family difficulties.  She was pouring her heart out to Stacy who at first seemed to be listening intently.

In the midst of her sharing Stacy interjected asking: “Pamela do you know Jesus?  Have you ever considered  Him?” Pamela quite startled, retorted “What does that have to do with anything?” Stacy answered “I am just saying, if  you ask Jesus in your heart as your Lord and Saviour, then He can help to fix this problem you are undergoing” . Pamela again riposted “I am trying to share with you what happened with me and my father.  What he did was unfor—“ Stacy again interrupted “Yes, thats what I am saying.  I know what he did was so horrible, so I am just telling you that Jesus can help you to get over it and help him to not repeat it”.

By this time, Pamela was really saddened because there she was, going through such a difficult situation and all Stacy was interested in doing was shoving Jesus down her throat.  She expressed her disgust at Stacy’s method of help and blatantly told her she was disappointed at her behaviour as she thought that she was her friend and one in whom she could confide and relate about this issue that was really causing her so much pain.  At that, she got up and walked away disheartened.

I thought about it as a  statement came up on the screen that said something like “Being a Christian is more than just talk.  Sometimes it means listening as well”.

Upon analyzing the drama, I realize it was completely true.  Let me first declare: I AM NOT ASHAMED OF JESUS!!!   No way. I believe we should share Jesus with those who need to hear about him.  However, I find that we as children of God tend to want to impose our Jesus on non-Christians and the unchurched society [in many instances at the wrong times] as our means of Evangelizing instead of just being a Christian example for them to emulate.  Christianity is not just talk, its also listening and simply being there for someone who may be in need.  Often times its in the small things that the Jesus in us is revealed and not only what we say.  People will always remember how we made them feel much more than they remember even who we are or what we said unless it was meaningful to them at the time they were in need.

Throughout scriptures, I find that Jesus always majored on what others considered the minor things so people could see His Father’s mercy and love.  He would touch the lepers, wash dirty smelly feet, forgive the unforgivable, heal the sick, deliver the oppress, love the unlovable etc.  Along with his talk, He always did the little things so others could see the difference in him.  That is a true model for us to follow.  Let me just remind you today to do more than talk that you are a child of the most High.  Just be the child of the most high that others can see Him in you and glorify him.

“God’s kingdom is not just talk…” 1 Corinthians 4:20 – GWB

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven”.  Matthew 5:16 – KJV

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