A Lullaby For You

Today I was caught in a bit of a downer.  Due to some situations that occurred, I found myself doubting greatly some of the promises God has told me.   Have you ever had a time when God has told you a thing, you know its God, yet only some persons [if any] are able to concur with what you are confident about and are feeling in your spirit? Worst if someone influential in your life can barely see it too?  Its horrible because it makes you doubt God and His promises towards you and your life in general.   I found that happening to me  and I had to run back to God in prayer and much brokenness asking him for re-assurance concerning what he has told me.  I brought God to a place like Gideon where I was asking: “God if this is really so, then let this or that happen as proof…”. {Judges 6}.  I call it “Gideonism.”

Conveniently enough, before He Rhema, He Logos.  He sent me to a few passages of scripture which eventually caused me to break out into William McDowell’s Wrap Me in Your Arms” worship song.  I started to listen it and after that set the tone and pace for worship, I went to one of my all-time favourite worship songs by HillsongWith Everything” [its such a powerful angelic song].   All I wanted was the arms of my heavenly Dad to come and Father me while I give Him my everything.  I spent a great deal of time in intense worship because I needed Him so badly.

You know I often wonder why we are always talking negatively about the children of Israel in the Bible when most of the times we are just like them.  It’s simply that our time is more modern and circumstances are different in accordance to our era but I have found that when those circumstances shake us, we tend to want to doubt God in spite of all he had previously done for us.  He may have just rescued us from our Egypt of slavery; our bondage of whatever kind (sickness, a dead-beat boyfriend/girlfriend, enemies, friends); cause to leave with a massive wealth transfer (like keeping our jobs when everyone else is being laid off) and yet as we get to the red sea of whatever kind (like an unexpected financial crisis), we begin to doubt his capabilities. [tsk, tsk, tsk] Then I find,  if he does get us across the Red Sea of trials and troubles we start to doubt again when another hurdle comes up (like the children of Israel who needed food and water in the dessert) as if he had not provided a way of help not too long ago.  [I am guilty as charged].

In the midst of my broken, aching heart and seemingly wounded spirit, he came…HE DID!  As I nursed and held my child in my arms, he came and held me in His arms.  I poured my concerns upon him.  I lamented and bemoaned all that was happening to me.  It was like a release to me.  Like a Jail break… ahhh, hmm.    As I told him, “Lord, all I want to do is please you” He responded “Then just believe me.  It gives me the greatest pleasure when my children simply trust me against all odds”.  As he spoke to me in His gentle persuasion,  it mended my heart slowly but surely.  It was like Zepheniah who writes that ‘He rejoices over us with singing’. It was like he played a harp of comfort, wove a basket of love, sewed a blanket of peace or like pouring antibiotic over my open sore.  It began to heal me, comfort me, solace me and it made me ecstatic to know that the King of all heaven and earth knows me and cares enough about me, to attend to me when I need him.

It made me realize that I am not just a statistic to God [neither are you]. I am a person to him – one of his precious children whom He loves and wants to help.  He cares!  He really does.  He stayed with me, speaking words to me.  So in essence, he spoke himself to me sine he is the word and Light.  That light did shine in my darkness and I understood it and was glad that to me he has given the power to become his child because I have received him. [How heart warming]

My friend, whatever promises God has made to you, just trust him to fulfill them.  Even if situations are coming against you.  He gets joy, just to know that we believe him against all odds.  However, if you find yourself doubting because of circumstances, just remember that you can always call him and ask one more time.  He will answer like any good Father would.  Who knows, he may just sing a lullaby for you.

Zephaniah 3:17 – KJV
The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

copyright © 2010

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