*Looking Out*

It’s amazing how much we have to try and keep up with a baby who is creeping or walking.  My sweet little angelpie NJ is creeping and man…it’s crazy trying to watch over him.  He puts everything in his mouth and never stays in one place for more than a second.  [Whew] I have to be watching him like a hawk.  He does not in the least bit understand danger and sees adventure, fun and food into everything his pretty bright eyes lay on.  Sometimes he gets rather annoyed and screams at the top of lungs when I or his dad, try to pry things from his tight grasps or steer him away from the edge of the bed or any other place of heart-wrenching, head-aching, eye-popping  alarm.  He doesn’t realize that what he sees as wonderful to explore, has the potential to kill him, disfigure him or make him  brutally ill.  He is just a baby so he is unable to understand.  He does not know at all.

It  reminds me of us and our heavenly Father who watches over us.  Many times God has to change our direction, take things from us or block our paths because of where are heading.  He is able to see much more than we can and so he knows what’s up ahead.  Many times what we see as fun and exciting has the potential to cause us immense, immediate or future harm.  He knows this and so he does something about it by taking people out of our lives, blocking a pathway, closing an open door of opportunity, denying a request, delaying a request or even differing a request.  He knows what is best and has the panoramic view in comparison to our limited one.  He knows all and wants only the best for us.  Many times like my son, we scream, complain, curse, cry, cuss, fuss, pass  blame or lose faith and hope.  We get disheartened and bewildered but we fail to understand that he only wants what is optimum for us and that is the reason he intervenes [when he does].

He is always watching over us as we go about our daily lives.  Many times we are unaware of the pitfalls the enemy has up ahead.  He has road blocks to stop us, hurdles to tumble us, fires to burn us, oceans to drown us, wells to push us in and double agents to deceive us.  God can see all of this so he tries to steer us clear many times without our knowledge and comprehension, which honestly, I have found is better that way. [We tend to like to help God which always complicate and confuse the matter]. He does all he can [without messing with our free will] just to keep us safe.

So my friend, don’t lose faith just yet because God has thrown you a curve ball in this game or worst, has not even thrown the ball.  He is your greatest Ally and Defense.  He is only trying  to protect you. Therefore, if you are in relationship with him, the next time things do not go as methodical and organised as you anticipated, remember His plans are perfect and he is always behind the scenes working things out for your benefit even if originally they were not supposed to be so.  So simply smile and say thank you Father for looking out for me.

Romans 8:28 – GOD’S WORD
We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God-those whom he has called according to his plan.

copyright © 2010


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