Acquire the taste

I have recently been introduced to a product that I have known about for ages but never really cared for at all.  I have heard that it is really good for the body – hair, nails, skin and general health.   So although this thing is supposed to be great for one’s health, it tastes absolutely terrible.  Every time I am to take it, I have to literally speak to myself  “Ok,  Amo, you are gonna take this thing now so just relax and go”. Then – GULP! (Shuddering). As if all of that isn’t enough, it has an awful, lingering scent [uggghhhh].  My husband went all out to get one that was flavoured but all I could say was “if this is flavoured and tastes so horrible, I cannot imagine the unflavoured natural product itself”. Anyway, since it is once per day to be taken, I gear up myself and go for it.  My son is such a sport.  He takes his well…such a brave boy.  So over the past  few days I have been faithfully taking this product and honestly I realize its a taste that must be acquired.   Since I have been religiously ingesting its content, I see now that its truly not so bad after you get used to it…but it does take some getting used to. {Gosh, shuddering again}

After analyzing this situation carefully, I see that its pretty much like our Christian journey.   Living as a Christian is good for us, all of us, [there truly is nothing  better] but at times it can leave a bad taste so to speak in our mouths because of the lifestyle we are required to live.  There are things that we wish we didn’t have to do and vice versa but the more we get into God, the more we get into a relationship with Jesus, the more all of the changes we have to make to live pure for him doesn’t seem so bad after all.   It is a taste that must be acquired – meaning a mindset that must be embraced until it becomes natural, normal and fixated.

The longer we spend in the presence of God, the more he will allow our minds to be transformed into his therefore the “taste” of change will not seem so despicable, daunting or detrimental.  In like manner of this product being good for me but tastes and smells awful, the Christian journey can appear as such.  Tell me honestly, who wants to forgive someone who has lied on them, stolen from them,  abuse them, intentionally use them, raped them, cheated with their fiancée or who wants to run (flee like the Bible says) when sexual urges arise so their purity can be maintained? or who doesn’t want to participate in a juicy gossip especially if it involves someone you just ‘can’t stand’ eh?  A mean c’mon, these things are hard.  The “taste” must be acquired.  Our palates must be trained for such tasks.  Our taste buds must be developed so that it doesn’t horrify us anymore when we are to abstain from the things that displease our God. I have found that just as my taking the product daily has allowed me to get used to it,  hanging out with Jesus daily will help us to develop and savour the hard stuff and even better,  it will become normal and tasteful after a while.  Trust me.  I am a living example.

Chilling with Jesus gives you all you need to survive this journey in life.  He gives you the appetite for changing into a lifestyle that he desires thus ensuring your spiritual health.  So like my cod liver oil with Omega 3 (cherry flavour) is good for my health, likewise chilling with Jesus (and people who are truly serving him) will provide you with a healthy spiritual life here on this earth and will grant you God’s favour and approval.  Once you acquire the taste, it will become normal, natural even logical to your mind, body, soul and spirit.  So let me ask you: “have you acquired the taste as yet?”

1 John 3:7 – GOD’S WORD
“Dear children, don’t let anyone deceive you. Whoever does what God approves of has God’s approval as Christ has God’s approval”.

Psalms 34:8 – GOD’S WORD
“Taste and see that the LORD is good. Blessed is the person who takes refuge in him”.

copyright © 2010


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